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How to Unlock Safehouses in Redfall

Set up camp anywhere with our guide on how to unlock Safe Houses in Redfall.
How to Unlock Safehouses in Redfall

While you are on a mission to take down swarms of vampires in Redfall, there may be some times when you need to wind down and heal your wounds or regroup, and that's where safe houses come in. These are safe havens for vampire hunters and even employ UV lights and supplies to tide you over. 

But how do you find them and more importantly, how do you unlock them? Well, we have the answers for you below. In this guide, we'll show you how to unlock any safe house you see in Redfall.

How to Unlock Safehouses

Redfall is littered with safe houses that you can find as you venture through the map. Each of these safe houses will be locked when you first find them and may require more than just a pair of lockpicks to open. 

Redfall How To Unlock Safe Houses Safe how to locate and clear example
The first safe house you're likely to find is the one in Shadetree Heights and to clear it you'll need to solve a small puzzle. (Picture: YouTube / GameRiot)

What we mean by this is that each safe house will employ a small puzzle as well as enemies to deter you. For instance, one of the first safe houses you come across likely is in Shadetree Heights as shown on the map image above. 

The first thing you need to do when approaching this safe house is to clear out the cultists and vampires roaming around, then follow the yellow extension cords coming out of the safe house leading to a nearby garage.

Redfall How To Unlock Safe Houses Small puzzle and fight
Each safe house you find will employ some small puzzle and group of enemies to fight that likely get stronger as you discover more safe houses. (Picture: Arkane)

You can then open the door using a rewire kit and inside you'll find a large generator which will then light up and unlock the safe house. There will most likely be cultists after you once you start the generator so be careful. 

But as you can see, this is the primary method to unlocking the safe houses. Solve a small puzzle and keep the vampires and cultists off your back long enough to get inside and to safety. 

Redfall How To Unlock Safe Houses Prepare for a fight each time
Because safe houses have some danger associated with unlocking them, be sure you're armed and ready for a fight before trying to do so. (Picture: Arkane)

Each of the safe houses may not employ this exact puzzle, and the difficulty of the mobs there will likely reflect the area's overall difficulty, so just keep this in mind when approaching new ones. Luckily once you find and unlock a safe house it becomes a fast travel point for you to use. 

And there you have it, a simple explanation of how safe houses are unlocked in Redfall. Be sure to prepare for a fight when you find one and keep your eyes open to spot the puzzle to solve, and you'll be well on your way to making these safe houses your own.