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Xbox's Phil Spencer Apologizes For Redfall

The reception for Redfall has been so bad that Xbox's Phil Spencer apologized for it.
Xbox's Phil Spencer Apologizes For Redfall

Redfall is now available very everyone to play and there were many fans that were excited about this particular title. After all, it was developed by Arkane Studios, the developers behind Dishonored and Deathloop. Players expected a very polished game at the end but reviewers and players were left very disappointed.

Redfall has failed in nearly every aspect to back up the excitement that was surrounding this particular game. Despite all of the missions in the game, there were massive performance and gameplay issues that needed to be addressed before the game shipped. The game was such a flop that Xbox's Phil Spencer actaully apologized for Redfall.

Phil Spencer Apologizes To The Xbox Community For Refall

Xbox Sorry For Redfall
The reviews are in and no one is impressed with Redfall. (Picture: Arkane Studios)

Redfall is out exclusively for Xbox Series X and Series S plus PC. That means that the game never hit the PlayStation Consoles, so it feels more like an Xbox-exclusive game. Ever since the launch of Redfall, the heads of Xbox has been silent about Redfall. In a recent interview with Kinda Funny Games, Phil Spencer broke his silence about Redfall.

Phil Spencer said that he is upset with himself for how Redfall performed. He further goes on to say that Redfall underdelivered, it disappointed the Xbox community, and for that, he is sorry. This is the first Xbox "exclusive" game from Arkane Studios, so it does appear that working only with Xbox has a learning curve.

What Is Next For Xbox And Redfall?

Redfall Phil Spencer Sorry
Phil Spencer apologizes for Redfall and will want to avoid delivering another poor-performing game in the future. (Picture: Arkane Studios)

Phil said that he and the Xbox team does not want to limit what developers on what they want to do. They do not want to restrict developers to being one-tricks and being good at making one type of game. But he further said Xbox needs a streamline of good and playable games to be successful. So another launch like Redfall should be avoided.

Redfall was not running at 60 FPS which was a major problem because that was one of the promises for the game. On top of that, Redfall had so many bugs and glitches that fans said that they felt like beta testers for a game that was not even close to being done. Hopefully, Arkane Studios and Xbox can learn from this and work together to make something better.