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How To Get Bloodstream Trait in Remnant 2

Here's how to unlock the Bloodstream Trait in Remnant 2.
How To Get Bloodstream Trait in Remnant 2
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Traits in Remnant 2 provide passive bonuses and help strengthen your build to face and overcome more challenging enemies. Every Archetype in the game has an exclusive Archetype Trait though others are available for everyone. This includes Core Traits like Vigor, Spirit, and Endurance as well as build-specific Traits like Bloodstream and Rugged.

The Bloodstream Trait falls in the latter category, and if you have played Remnant: From the Ashes, you may find it familiar. If you want a more defensive build, this is a Trait you should invest in. However, it isn't easy to get your hands on it. As such, here's our guide, which explains how to get the Bloodstream Trait in Remnant 2. 

How to Unlock the Bloodstream Trait in Remnant 2

Investing in the Bloodstream Trait will increase your grey health regeneration. (Picture: Shreyansh/Gunfire Games)

Since Remnant 2 features a procedurally generated world, it's possible that the way you unlock the Bloodstream Trait is different from how we unlocked it. However, some steps may remain the same, especially if you're playing the Ashes from Ashes campaign. 

To unlock the Bloodstream Trait in Remnant 2, you have to interact with the Verdant Meidra NPC. We found her in the Faithless Thicket region of Yaesha, beneath a glowing purple tree. 

Talk to Meidra in Yaesha. (Picture: Shreyansh/Bungie)

Now, Meidra will ask you a series of questions, and depending on your answers, she may gift you a different Trait. To get the Bloodstream Trait, here's what you should answers should be: 

  • Answer 1: "Trust the crowd can fend for itself."
  • Answer 2: "Preserve the peace by any means necessary." 
  • Answer 3:  "Throw the injured overboard. "
  • Answer 4: "Leave your eldest."
  • Answer 5: "Risk smothering the child." 
Answer Meidra's questions in the right order to get the Bloodstream Perk. (Picture: Shreyansh/Gunfire Games)

Choosing these answers should get you the Bloodstream Trait. Answering all of Meirda's questions will also unlock the "Equal Measures" trophy/achievement for you. 
 Investing in the Bloodstream Trait will increase your grey health regeneration. If you upgrade this Trait to level 10, your grey health regeneration will increase by 3 per second. 

As mentioned previously, it's useful only if you plan to play defensively. If you're not looking to create a grey-health focused build, you're better off saving your perk points for something else.