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Remnant 2: How To Farm Lumenite Crystals Quickly

Here's how to quickly get Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2.
Remnant 2: How To Farm Lumenite Crystals Quickly
Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 is an incredibly challenging game, in which you will be constantly ambushed by hordes of enemies from all directions. To overcome every obstacle in the game, you need a strong build. 

The most fundamental way to make your build stronger in Remnant 2 is by upgrading your weapons. One of the resources you need for this is Lumenite Crystal. Since you will constantly find the need to upgrade your primary and secondary weapons, farming this resource becomes an essential task. As such, here's our guide, which explains how to quickly farm Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2.

How To Farm Lumenite Crystal In Remnant 2

farm lumenite crystals
Elite enemies drop Lumenite Crystals. (Picture: Gunfire Games)

You can quickly farm Lumenite Crystals by looting the corpses of Elite enemies. These spawn every few minutes in every dungeon or open space you explore and are preceded by unique battle music that makes them easy to identify. 

Elite enemies aren't easy to slay, especially if you're just starting up or playing solo, so keep your distance from them. These are the best ways to farm Lumenite Crystals because you face plenty of Elite enemies in this game. 

lumenite crystals buy
You can buy Lumenite Crystals from the Scrap Merchant in Ward 13. (Picture: Shreyansh/Gunfire Games)

Alternatively, you can buy Lumenite Crystal from your Scrap Merchant friend, Cass, in Ward 13. However, we recommend not doing so unless you urgently need to upgrade your weapons before facing a powerful foe or boss.