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How To Change Archetype in Remnant 2

Here's how to change Archetype in Remnant 2.
How To Change Archetype in Remnant 2
Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 introduces a wide array of Archetypes, with each having unique skills, perks, and traits. Every Archetype also favors different playstyles. While some are suited for solo play, others are more useful when playing in a group. 

However, to prevent FOMO, Gunfire Games has added the option to swap between Archetypes without having to make another character. Once players have progressed far enough into the campaign, they can also activate Dual Archetypes, which would allow them to create a hybrid build by mixing the skills, perks, and traits of two unique Archetypes. This guide covers everything players need to know about changing Archetypes in Remnant 2.

How To Swap Archetypes In Remnant 2


As of this writing, Gunfire Games hasn't revealed how exactly players can change Archetypes in Remnant 2. Likewise, there's no info on how to unlock other Archetypes in the game. However, we do know that these are tied to the game's progression. Does this mean every other Archetype will be available simultaneously after reaching a milestone, or will they be unlocked one at a time? We don't know, but we would like to know that as well! Naturally, we will update this article as soon as more info is available. 

Gunfire Games has, however, confirmed that progression for all Archetypes will be separate. For example, if a player has a level 10 Challenger Archetype and swaps to Medic Archetype, the Medic will start from level 1 instead of 10. Additionally, players can change to a different Archetype for free. It's also important to add that they won't lose the progress of their previous Archetype.

That concludes our guide on how to change Archetypes in Remnant 2.