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Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Shadow Boss Guide: Location, How To Beat, Rewards

Here's how to beat the Kaeula's Shadow boss in Remnant 2.
Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Shadow Boss Guide: Location, How To Beat, Rewards
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Remnant 2 features some of the most challenging and intricate boss battles ever in a Soulslike title. Defeating a boss is a huge feat in the game, and doing so can get you a ton of rewards, including boss mods and weapons. Kaeula's Shadow is one of the first main bosses you encounter in the Yaesha region. As you may expect, it's not an easy battle with a bunch of different phases you need to overcome. This guide covers everything you need to know to beat Kaeula's Shadow in Remnant 2.

Kaeula's Shadow Location in Remnant 2

You can find Kaeula's Shadow at the end of Kaeula's Rest dungeon. This is a relatively challenging dungeon with plenty of Elite enemies waiting to jump at you at every corner. Since you could come across this early in the game, it's best to bring a buddy or two. 

How to beat Kaeula's Shadow in Remnant 2

The Kaeula's Shadow boss fight takes place in a flooded arena. You will notice a lot of pale pinkish flowers on the ground. It's the only path you can walk on in this area, as treading on anything else will slow your mobility and prevent you from dodging. This can be a game-breaker, especially if the boss is standing next to you, so always keep an eye on where you're walking or dodging.

kaeula shadow
Kaeula's Shadow has some extremely deadly moves. (Picture: Shreyansh/Gunfire Games)

Kaeula's Shadow doesn't have a lot of different moves, but the ones it has are extremely deadly, including a one-shot kill punch. It's also weak to fire damage, so equip a fire mod on your weapon if you have it. Its first major attack is a four-part combo swinging attack. In this, it will swing its axe-like weapon toward you four times. You can avoid it by continuously dodging backward. 

You will notice that Kaeula's Shadow has a tentacle right arm. If you're standing far away, it will throw its tentacled arm under the water, and it will emerge right next to you. The tentacle has a health bar of its own, and you should either destroy it quickly or risk getting hit by it. You can, however, avoid the tentacle attack by dodging left or right. 

When you have chucked away one-fourth of its life, Kaeula's Shadow will spawn multiple tentacles across the arena. Aside from individual health bars, there will be a cumulative health bar for all tentacles. You must wipe it out completely to bring the boss back. 

While the tentacles aren't difficult to take down, they can spawn literally anywhere around you. As such, keep an eye on all directions, as you can easily get hit from behind. 

kaeula shadows
Avoid its tentacled-arm at all costs. (Picture: Shreyansh/Gunfire Games)

When Kaeula's Shadow return, it will have a few new tricks up its sleeve. For instance, it will submerge into the water and emerge right next to you. As soon as it appears it will throw its tentacled arm towards you. The only way to avoid it is to dodge right. 
Its deadliest move is the tentacle punch which it uses only when you're standing close to it. You can dodge in either direction to avoid it. However, the boss can kill you with this one move, so try and dodge it at all costs. 

After you have chucked away more than half of its health, Kaeula's Shadow will once again disappear and spawn countless tentacles across the arena. This one will be far more deadly than the previous one because of the absurd amount of tentacles that will appear. You have to be extremely agile to overcome this encounter. The tentacles will once again attack you, though this time, it will perform a swinging attack that you can't avoid by dodging left or right. Instead, you must dodge backward. 

Once you have slain the tentacles, Kaeula's Shadow will again appear. Fortunately, it won't bring any new moves to the table, so continue to hit it with everything you got and avoids its attacks the way we have explained above, and you should be fine. 

Kaeula's Shadow boss rewards in Remnant 2

kaeula shadow ring
Beat Kaeula's Shadow to get the Tear of Kaeula ring. (Picture: Shreyansh/Gunfire Games)

Beating Kaeula's Shadow will get you the Tear of Kaeula Ring, a couple of Lumenite Crystals, and the material required to craft the Rootlash weapon mod.

That concludes our Kaeula's Shadow boss guide in Remnant 2.