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Leaks Suggest Resident Evil 0 And Code Veronica Remakes In The Works

A Resident Evil leaker has suggested that both Resident Evil 0 and Code Veronica remakes are in the works.
Leaks Suggest Resident Evil 0 And Code Veronica Remakes In The Works
(Picture: Capcom)

According to a known Resident Evil leaker, a Resident Evil 0 Remake is in the works, and has "been in development at M2 since 2023." A Code Veronica remake has also allegedly been in the works for 18 months. It seems that these games might be the next on Capcom's list of releases, rather than the previously heavily rumored Resident Evil 1 remake.

The information comes from a video clip from one of Screenfire Germany's streams, in which he answered questions from his community. The information in the 12 May video was transcribed on 17 June by Redditor No1PiggyontheBlock, who made a Reddit post hoping to clear up some mistranslations from the original leak.

resident evil code veronica
Resident Evil: Code Veronica might be Capcom's next remake. (Picture: Capcom)

The "partner zapping" system will also allegedly return in Resident Evil 0 remake. In most Resident Evil games, players are either given a choice of protagonist to play, or given a sole protagonist to embody throughout the game. Using Resident Evil 0's partner zapping system, though, players could take on the roles of both Billy and Rebecca throughout the game. In addition, the game will apparently have online co-op, a feature that wasn't available in the original.

As for the Resident Evil Code Veronica remake, the leaker claimed it's the next game to release after Resident Evil 9. The game's opening sequence will be changed, featuring Claire Redfield visiting Umbrella HQ in Paris with some tourists before sneaking off on her own to gain intel - after being caught, she's sent to Rockford Island.

Also changed in the remake are Steve and Rodrigo's roles - Rodrigo's role has been "expanded" while Steve is "more likeable" - and some new fights between Claire and Alexia, and Chris and Wesker.

The Reddit post also outlined the fates of other rumored and leaked Resident Evil games, such as Resident Evil Outrage and Revelations 3. Apparently, RE Revelations 3 was "in development as a Nintendo Switch exclusive" and would star Rebecca Chambers, but was cancelled. Resident Evil Outrage was also cancelled due to low quality, and was intended to focus on Albert Wesker.

Capcom confirmed last year that, after the success of Resident Evil 4 Remake, more Resident Evil remakes are on the way.