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Anime Adventures Support Tier List

Support units are essential in Anime Adventures—so we've decided to list the best ones right here!
Anime Adventures Support Tier List

Anime Adventures is a great way to play a Tower Defense game featuring all your favorite anime characters! With a seemingly endless supply of redeem codes, you can even claim a ton of free unique units to build up your defenses!

However, one of the key aspects of Anime Adventures is the support units, which will drastically help buff up your team and debuff the waves of enemies. Here, we will go over the best support units in the game right now!

Best Supports For Infinite Mode In Anime Adventures

roblox anime adventures support 2 size

Anime Adventures has an Infinite game mode, which a lot of players enjoy playing. As the name suggests, the game mode does not end until you are defeated—and some units are better suited for the mode than others.

You will want to have support units that will not only support a wide variety of DPS units but also ones that will ramp up as the game progresses. With that in mind, here are the best support units that are available for Infinite mode in Anime Adventures:


Griffin (Reincarnation), Leafy (Sylph), Wenda, Orwin, Lao (ROOM), Homuru (Time Traveller), Shallta (Bloodfallen), Power (Fiend), Koichy (Echoes), Dazai (No Longer Human), Kisoko (Bankai), Diavoro, Puchi (Heaven), Lulu (Geass), Kiro (Bites the Dust), Red Scar (Conqueror), Tatsumiki (Tornatdo), Pain (Divine), JIO (Over Heaven), Emili


Jirayo (Toad Sage), Merlyn (Infinity), Sukuno, Megomu (Chimera Shadow), Mochi Charlot

Best Supports For Non-Infinite Modes In Anime Adventures

roblox anime adventures support 3 size

Most of the time, you will be playing through non-Infinite game modes in Anime Adventures. These include story mode, raids, and other forms of gameplay that will eventually end without you having to lose.

Here, the meta is much different. You will want immediate support that does well on its own. Some units will also be completely different as well. Here is our list of the best support units in Anime Adventures for non-Infinite game modes:


Leafy (Sylph), Wenda, Orwin, Oshy (Idol), Lao (ROOM), Emili, Jirayo (Toad Sage), Koichy (Echoes), Shallta (Bloodfallen), Power (Fiend), Griffin (Reincarnation)

A-Tier Goju (Six Eyes), Dazai (No Longer Human), Puchi (Heaven), Mochi Charlot, JIO (Over Heaven), Tatsumiki (Tornado), Diavoro

We want to extend a special thank you to MrRhino on YouTube for their analysis of the best supports in Anime Adventures! If you want to see what some of these support units do in Anime Adventures, check out their video below!