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Anime Fantasy Tier List - Best Units Ranked

What is the best unit in Anime Fantasy? Find out by exploring our tier list!
Anime Fantasy Tier List - Best Units Ranked

What is the best playable unit in Anime Fantasy? That's an excellent question—and it's one that often sparks discussions among players. After all, you can only have up to six units, so choosing the strongest ones is crucial for building a powerful team.

This guide will rank all the units from best to worst, ensuring you're well-informed about which characters to use. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, this Anime Fantasy tier list will undoubtedly refine your battle strategy!

What Is The Unit To Equip In Anime Fantasy?

The best unit to equip in Anime Fantasy would be the one that complements your specific team composition and strategy the most. However, based on community votes, Shadow Monarch Evo is widely considered the best unit to equip due to his extremely fabulous stats.

All S-tier characters have similar strengths and differ in fighting style and special attack. However, the best unit for you might vary depending on your specific team and the synergy between characters. Always consider the abilities and synergies of your units when deciding which to equip.

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Anime Fantasy Tier List

The table below ranks all the most commonly used units in Anime Fantasy from best to worst. Note that not all units are listed. If you disagree or want to improve these tier rankings, drop me an email at chad.kemp@ginx.tv.

Tier Unit
S-Tier (excellent) Shadow Monarch Evo, Enel Evo, Levi Evo, Broly Evo, Vegito SSS
A-Tier (good) Ace, Jotaro, Hebi, Goko, Astra, Bluma, Ichiga, Speedwagon
B-Tier (average) Zenitsa, Natstu, Kizaru
C-Tier (poor) Zoro, Usap, Laffy, Sanjo, Kakasho
D-Tier (not worth mentioning) Everything else

Editor's Comment: Please note that this tier list is courtesy of YouTuber ItzVexo and represents the opinions of their community of viewers. As such, these rankings are based on a popularity vote and might differ wildly based on your personal play style, skill level, and preference.

How To Get Units In Anime Fantasy

There are loads of units in Anime Fantasy, and many more are still to be released. So, how do you unlock them? Well, as it turns out, all you have to do is summon them with Gems. The only catch is that there's no guarantee on which unit you'll receive. So, try to save up for multi-summons or special banners.

These will increase your odds of obtaining high-rarity units like those in the S- and A-tiers of this Anime Fantasy tier list. You can get gems by redeeming special codes, log-in rewards, participating in limited-time events, or completing various quests and achievements.

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