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Death Ball Codes (June 2024) - New Codes Added!

Looking for the latest working Death Ball codes to redeem in Roblox? This guide is your gateway to free gems and more!
Death Ball Codes (June 2024) - New Codes Added!
Roblox / Anime Boys Developers

Searching high and low for new Death Ball codes on Roblox? Well, the hunt is over! Dive into this intense PvP clash, where survival is king, and every match crowns a new champion. It's a world where your agility and your arsenal of power balls are key!

So, why not give yourself the winning edge? We've got a treasure trove of the latest Death Ball redeem codes ripe for the picking, decking you out with Gems to snag all sorts of in-game wonders. And if that's not enough, we'll even explain how to claim them!

Updated on 5 June 2024: We checked for new Death Ball codes.

Latest Working Death Ball Codes

Strap in for an epic boost to your gameplay! We're serving up the latest, sizzling Death Ball redeem codes on Roblox—your golden key to unlocking a treasure chest of in-game freebies!

  • jiro - more gems
  • derank - 4k gems
  • newyear - 4k gems
  • mech - 4k gems

Note: Make sure that you enter the Death Ball codes exactly how we've written them. If there is a typo, the code won't work. That said, if any of these redeem codes don't work, it's possible that they've expired.

Want to contribute to this guide so it's more useful to other readers? Drop me an email at chad.kemp@ginx.tv if any of these codes don't work anymore or if you know about a new code we haven't listed yet!

All Expired Death Ball Codes

Ever heard of hidden treasures lurking in plain sight? That's right! Those "expired" Death Ball codes could be a secret stash of goodies! You never know if your stars might align. What was once lost can be found (and redeemed!) again. So, try your luck!

Click to expand the list of expired Death Ball Codes
  • xmas
  • 100mil 
  • divine 
  • spirit 
  • foxuro 
  • kameki
  • launch

How Can I Redeem Death Ball Codes In Roblox?

how to redeem codes

Got your Death Ball codes and itching to use them? The good news is that redeeming them is a breeze—just follow these super-easy steps:

  • Fire up Death Ball in Roblox and get into the game.
  • Look for the NPC called "Codes" in the waiting room—you can't miss 'em!
  • Stroll up to this character, and a code redemption box will pop up.
  • Type in your Death Ball code (enter it exactly as we've written it).
  • Hit the "Claim" button and bask in the glory of your new, shiny rewards!

P.S. You might want to activate "AFK Mode" to prevent accidentally jumping into a game while you're entering your new Death Ball codes.

Where Can I Find New Death Ball Roblox Codes?

Interesting question—you do realize that you've hit the jackpot for the freshest Death Ball codes already, right? This page is the gold standard for keeping you in the loop. We're constantly updating it, so you're always in the know!

Need a second opinion? No problems. You can also find new Death Ball redeem codes on the game's official Discord (there are currently no social links) for the inside scoop. Like many other Roblox titles, developers also sometimes drop codes on X, especially during big updates or events.

How Do I Play Death Ball In Roblox?


Death Ball is a thrilling new PvP game in Roblox where you dodge and dive in an arena, using special balls that pack a punch with cool powers—like fiery comets or zappy electric orbs. Your goal? Outsmart and outlast your opponents with quick moves and wicked combos.

To spice things up, you can grab gems with secret codes to spin for new, powerful balls. Just chat with a special NPC in the lobby to enter codes and snag your gems. It's very similar to Blade Ball, so if you enjoy dodgeball-style titles, you'll love this game!

The controls to play Death Ball in Roblox are:

THROW - R/R1/Tap Screen/Tap UI Button/Left Click
ABILITY - Q/ButtonX/Tap UI Button/Right Click
BLOCK - F/ButtonA/Tap UI Button
SHIFTLOCK - Shift/ButtonY

And that concludes our Death Ball codes guide. But why stop there? You can get redeem codes for even more games like Jujutsu Chronicles, Anime Champions Simulator, Haze Piece, Peroxide, TYPE SOUL, Anime Fighters, Project Slayers, Roblox King Legacy, Murder Mystery 2, Adopt Me, Love Nikki, Anime Dimensions, Shindo Life, or All-Star Tower Defense.