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Anime Last Stand Itachi 'The Illusionist' Unit: How To Unlock & Stats

Take one of the most powerful Uchiha with you into battle as we explain how to unlock Itachi or "The Illusionist" unit in Roblox's Anime Last Stand.
Anime Last Stand Itachi 'The Illusionist' Unit: How To Unlock & Stats

In Anime Last Stand, there's a myriad of units available for your team, and among them, the Mythic units stand out as some of the best choices. Particularly, the Itachi unit, known as "The Illusionist" in-game, is a formidable Mythic unit that can easily become a cornerstone of your team.

If you haven't had the chance to try out this unit yet and are curious about his abilities before investing resources into acquiring him, then this guide is tailored for you. Below, we'll detail the steps to unlock the Illusionist/Itachi unit and provide an overview of his abilities in Anime Last Stand.

Unlocking and Stats of Itachi 'The Illusionist' Unit in ALS

In Anime Last Stand, players have the opportunity to acquire units inspired by various popular anime franchises, including Uchiha Itachi from the Naruto series, known in-game as 'The Illusionist.' This Mythic tier unit boasts a rare 0.5% drop rate chance and can be obtained through Banner 1 or Banner 2 at the unit vendor.

Anime Last Stand Itachi The Illusionist How To Get And Upgrades
The Itachi or The Illusionist unit can be unlocked via Banner 1 or Banner two and once unlocked will have the abilities and upgrades listed below. (Picture: YouTube / BLNT)

Itachi, or The Illusionist, is a fire-based ground-type unit specializing in AoE (Area of Effect) attacks with cone hitboxes. As he evolves and becomes more potent, his flame damage escalates, offering significant power boosts, particularly in later upgrades. Let's delve into his upgrade path to witness his increasing prowess:

First Deployment

  • Cost: 1K
  • Range: 40
  • Base Damage: 2.22K
  • Burn Damage: 5,994
  • Level 75 Damage: 5.1K
  • Burn Damage: 13,710

First Upgrade

  • Cost: 2,250
  • Range: 40
  • Base Damage: 3.57K
  • Burn Damage: 9,639
  • Level 75 Damage: 8.21K
  • Burn Damage: 22,167

Second Upgrade

  • Cost: 4.5K
  • Range: 40
  • Base Damage: 5.29K
  • Burn Damage: 14,283
  • Level 75 Damage: 12.17K
  • Burn Damage: 32,859

Third Upgrade

  • Cost: 6.5K
  • Range: 42
  • Base Damage: 6.07K
  • Burn Damage: 16,389
  • Level 75 Damage: 13.96K
  • Burn Damage: 37,692

Fourth Upgrade

  • Cost: 7K
  • Range: 42
  • Base Damage: 8.09K
  • Burn Damage: 22,843
  • Level 75 Damage: 18.61K
  • Burn Damage: 50,247

Fifth Upgrade

  • Cost: 8K
  • Range: 42
  • Base Damage: 9.46K
  • Burn Damage: 25,542
  • Level 75 Damage: 21.76K
  • Burn Damage: 58,752

Sixth Upgrade

  • Cost: 15K
  • Range: 42
  • Base Damage: 12.2K
  • Burn Damage: 32,940
  • Level 75 Damage: 28.06K
  • Burn Damage: 75,762

Unlock Burning Gaze

  • Level 1: 173,850 for a total of 20 ticks
  • Level 75: 405,467 for a total of 20 ticks

These upgrades unveil the immense power Itachi/The Illusionist can wield as he evolves. Experimenting with him in Anime Last Stand can certainly elevate your strategy, as he has the potential to become one of your formidable powerhouses.