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Attack On Titan Revolution Patch Notes (Update 2)

This guide will detail the latest AoT Revolution patch notes and when the next major update is expected to come out.
Attack On Titan Revolution Patch Notes (Update 2)

Looking for the latest AoT Revolution patch notes? You're in the right spot! In this guide, you'll learn about all the new content and features, whether it's new mythical perks, families, maps, artifacts, or raids. Best of all, the developers also release a slew of codes you can redeem for free rewards

With that, prepare to join the battle of freedom and lead humanity in the revolution against the Titans! Here's everything in the Attack on Titan Revolution patch notes!

Updated on 14 July 2024: Update 2 should come out very soon (possibly today or tomorrow). Sometimes our servers cache pages, so please remember to hard-refresh this page by pressing Ctrl+F5 or SHIFT+F5 to view an uncached version.

Latest Attack on Titan Revolution Patch Notes

Here's everything you need to know about the latest update to AoT Revolution:

Update 2
  • TBD - Not released yet!

Previous Attack on Titan Revolution Patch Notes

July 3 Hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed chests not opening
  • Achievement "Death's Door" can no longer be given if you are dead at the end of a mission
  • Achievement "Sentinel" can no longer be given if you are dead at the end of a mission
  • Fixed chests bugging out at the end of a raid if you get ejected during the opening of a chest
  • Fixed titans falling over after grabbing a player(?)
  • Fixed character spazzing out if you are grabbed right as soon as a raid ends
  • Fixed camera getting stuck sometimes after ejecting/shifting
  • Fixed titans still being able to infinitely grab you(?)
  • Fixed issues with flinging(?)
  • Fixed being able to bounce on Eren's head as a shifter(?)
  • Fixed lighting staying dark after shifting/ejecting if multiple people shift at once
  • Fixed being able to animation cancel Eren, which also caused other problems like an infinite hitbox from some skills like roar(?)
  • Fixed titan stats not being applied from Reiss, Yeager and Founder's Blessing (Increases Titan Block/Damage/Health)
  • Fixed family duplicates showing up visually in the rarity list if it's spammed
  • Fixed being able to obtain 'Supremacy' / 'Warbringer' achievements through some weird modifier method with shifters
  • Fixed screen staying black and white if you die when the raid is finished
  • Fixed raid phase 2 cutscene being cut short if you use lethal tempo as it begins

Balances and Changes:

  • Buffed Aberrant free chest drops: No longer drops common perks
  • When Eren goes berserk, the camera POV no longer activates
  • Talent "Mendmaster" now visually updates your skill cooldowns in the 'Skill Tree'
  • If you prestige whilst creating/hosting a mission/raid, you'll be kicked out of it
  • Purged all shadow bans


  • Added leaderboard cosmetics for May and June, including:

+ 'Champion' Title (1 - 3) + 'Third Eye' Aura (1 - 3) + 'Eclipse' Aura (4 - 10) + 'Seraphic' Aura (11 - 25) + Gems (depends on placement)

  • Added DEMO 2 cosmetic which is the 'Season 4 Scout Regiment' uniform
Achievements Patch

New Achievements:

  • ‘Titan Mastery’:
    • ‘Devil’ - Use the ‘Attack Titan’ serum
    • ‘Vanguard’ - Complete a raid by yourself
    • ‘Synthesis’ - Maximize a titan shifter’s mastery
    • ‘Resonator’ - Maximize a titan shifter’s resonance
    • ‘Warbringer’ - ???
  • ‘Operative Dominance’
    • ‘Initiate’ - Complete 50 missions
    • ‘Agent’ - Complete 100 missions
    • ‘Specialist’ - Complete 250 missions
    • ‘Veteran’ - Complete 500 missions
    • ‘Elite’ - Complete 1000 missions
    • ‘Legend’ - ???
  • ‘Battle Prowess’
    • ‘Sharpshooter’ - Complete a mission with more than 30 critical hits
    • ‘Sentinel’ - Be the last player standing in a 4+ player squad
    • ‘Phantom Striker’ - Complete an aberrant mission without getting hit
    • ‘Death’s Door’ - Complete an aberrant mission where you are below 5.0% health

New Cosmetics:

  • Drippy Glasses (Complete ‘Titan Mastery’ achievements)
  • Headband (Complete ‘Operative Dominance’ achievements)
  • Tiara (Complete ‘Battle Prowess’ achievements)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed 'Lantern' artifact not updating ODM Damage visually
  • Fixed invisible borders in 'Utgard'
  • Fixed artifacts not showing up in the results screen at the end of a raid
  • Fixed titans infinitely holding you
  • Fixed chests bugging out after ejecting/shifting and sometimes not working in general
  • Fixed skill 'Order Rage' buff not properly appearing on shifters
  • Fixed negative drop rates on some items [visually]
  • Fixed gems being inconsistently gained with streak(?)
  • Fixed cursor overlap with the tab leaderboard
  • Fixed shifter aggro against Eren
  • Fixed aim assist going towards Eren's nape in Phase 1
  • Fixed visual display for shifter passive/active mastery levels in accordance to resonance
  • Fixed not being able to M1/use skills in shifter form when the block doesn't register(?)
  • Fixed getting softlocked if you kill the final titan when Eren is about to die(?)

Balance Patches:

  • Luck boost in raids now affects any item only rarity Epic+
  • Increased the required grade of all raid difficulties by +1 [Hard: D+ > C-, Severe: B- > B, Aberrant: A- > A]
  • Serum drop chances have been increased in raids by 50.0% per difficulty [Ex: Serum in ‘Emperor’s Chest’ for the Aberrant difficulty has been increased from 0.2% to 0.3%]
  • Titan Shifter Nerfs:
    • Shifters take 20.0% more damage from Eren
    • Blocking in shifter form now takes 50.0% more damage from Eren’s attacks
    • Awakening bar gain decreased by quarter when in shifter form
    • Shifting skill cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Talent Nerfs:
    • Quakestrike:
      • Caps at 20 kills in shifter form
      • Caps at 50 kills in human form
  • Aegisurge:
    • Only increases shield by 5.0% in shifter form
  • Raid Nerfs:
    • Eren’s health on Aberrant difficulty reduced by 5.0%
    • Eren’s ‘Corkscrew Punch’ hitbox has been reduced
    • Hitting vulnerable limbs now deals damage to Eren’s actual healthbar (25.0% of the damage dealt to limb)
    • Eren’s leg limb health reduced by 15.0%

QOL Changes:

  • Added boss music that plays when Eren reaches Phase 2
  • Code requirements only affect those with no prestiges.

(Can use codes anytime past prestige 0)

  • Gifting requirements only affect those with no prestiges. (Can gift and receive gifts anytime past prestige 0).
  • Health bar in raids now shows when you're spectating
  • Raid cosmetics can now be sold for gems [Hardened Blade, Herbal Magic, Celestial, Balance, and Duality]

Misc Changes:

  • Map boosts on Trost no longer affect raids
  • Shiki requires players to have 64 total achievements now. This excludes the following achievements: 'Apex', 'Omnipotent' and EITHER 'Champion' or 'Warbringer'. This means that players must have either ‘Champion’ or ‘Warbringer’ as part of the 64 total achievements.
Update 1

New Redeem Codes

  • MEMBERS300K - 50 spins
  • MEMBERS350K - 50 spins
  • MEMBERS400K - 100 spins
  • DEVCODE2 -300 spins
  • LIKES220K - 50 spins
  • UPDATE1 - 50 spins
  • SORRY4DELAY - 2xluck potion 30 min , 2x gold 30min, 2xp 30 mins, 2 bleach creates


  • Attack Titan Raid:
    • Three difficulties (Hard, Severe, Aberrant)
    • Modifiers in raids now add LUCK%
    • Two chests that can be opened:
      • Raider’s Chest
      • Emperor’s Trove
        • Has boosted drop rates
        • Requires ‘Emperor’s Key’
    • Over 12 new drops are available!
  • Added ‘Emperor’s Key’
    • Obtainable from the market for 4,999 gems
    • Obtainable as a drop from ‘Raider’s Chest’
    • Obtainable from daily quests (1 per quest)

Additional Cosmetics (Raid)

  • Balance (Legendary)
  • Duality (Legendary)
  • Celestial (Epic)
  • Herbal Magic (Epic)
  • Hardened Blade (Rare)

Bleach Crates

  • Bambietta’s Wings (Legendary)
  • Primera’s Attire (Legendary)
  • Zangetsu (Legendary)
  • Captain’s Attire (Epic)
  • Katen Kyokotsu (Epic)
  • Quincy’s Attire (Epic)
  • Kazeshini (Rare)
  • Kisuke’s Attire (Rare)
  • Ulquiorra’s Attire (Rare)
  • Benihime (Uncommon)
  • Soul Reaper’s Attire (Uncommon)
  • Zangetsu [M] (Uncommon)
  • Kisuke’s Hat (Common)
  • Quincy Hat (Common)
  • Toshiro’s Scarf (Common)

Resonance System for Attack Titan

  • 6 different passives to unlock through sacrificing ‘Attack Shards’
    • Purchasable from market for 19,999 gems
    • Obtainable as a drop from ‘Raider’s Chest’.

New Market Section

  • Prestige Scrolls
  • Attack Shard
  • Emperor’s Key

New Artifacts

  • Journal (Rare)
  • Basement Key (Epic)
  • Lantern (Epic)
  • Cloak (Legendary)
  • Scarf (Mythical)

Bug Fixes

  • Daily Quests should be fixed in all servers
  • All Star Crates should no longer be bugged
  • Fixed 'Hardening' textures in 'Berserk Mode'
  • Fixed 'Hardening' not turning off when in 'Berserk Mode'
  • Fixed 'Berserk Mode' not having 'Hardening' textures
  • Fixed 'Berserk Mode' VFX not turning off when the mode ends
  • Fixed 'Berserk Mode' mastery gain
  • Fixed titans looking the opposite way when swerving around them
  • Fixed not being able to grapple to titans' legs
  • Fixed perk level gain after enhancing
  • Fixed Crawler Dive VFX
  • Fixed passive 'Resourceful' not putting 3 refills on each portable refill station and fixed the cooldown reduction
  • Fixed blades dropping before full reloading

New Map

  • Utgard

New Mythic Perks

  • Kengo (Offense)
    • Blades can hit 2 limbs at once
    • Increases ODM Damage by 40%
    • Increases Blade Durability by 10%
  • Founder’s Blessing (Core)
    • Increases aggro range by 150
    • Awakening bar fills 35% faster
    • Grants the ability up to shift 5 times in a row
    • Boost to all titans’ stats by 20%
  • Tatsujin (Support)
    • Increases ODM Control by 25%
    • Increases ODM Speed by 25%
    • Increases ODM Range by 25%
    • Increases ODM Gas by 15%
    • Decreases the time taken to reload by 50%
  • Immortal (Defense)
    • Damage Reduction increases by 30%
    • Injury Reduction increases by 40%
    • Health increases by 100

Balance Patches

  • Every skill now has I-Frames
  • Skill 'Blade Dance' cooldown reduced from 25s > 15s
  • Family 'Shiki' can now shift
  • Shifting bar now decreases whilst in shifter form and automatically ejects you when the bar reaches 0
  • Balanced passive 'Shifting Mastery'
  • Nerfed perks 'Siphoning' and 'Exhumation'
  • 'Rage Mode' bar requirement decreased from 75.0% > 60.0%
  • Buffed I-Frames for talent 'Flashstep' by 0.25s
  • Balanced ODM Speed/Control values (ODM Speed started at 200 at grade E-, now 210 and ODM Control started at 100.0% at grade E-, now 105.5%)
  • Reduced boosting speed just holding Space
  • Shifter skills now only hit up to 7 titans at most [if multi-hit]

QOL Changes

  • Added Setting 'ESCAPE KEYS' (Changes escape keys from W, A, S, D to arrow keys on a computer)
  • Added Setting 'PLAYER EFFECTS' (Only shows ODM/Titan skills for now - excluding Lethal Tempo/Swift Strikes)
  • Revamped talent 'Aegisurge' shield VFX
  • Titans can now have their legs and eyes damaged at the same time without it canceling the other out

Misc Changes

  • Mythical rarity added to the spinner for Fritz family
  • You will only lose a streak mid-game if your HEALTH is less than 85.0% of your MAX HEALTH
  • Titan hitboxes now use your ping as a factor too [from testing, it works fine up until ~250 ping]
  • You now get the achievement 'Encounter' by playing a match with one of the developers
  • Perk levels will no longer reset on Prestige
  • Titans can now stomp/dive/bellyflop you in shifter form
  • Attack Serum is no longer droppable from missions

When Does The Next AoT Revolution Update Come Out?

The next Attack on Titan Revolution patch is expected to be released on TBD - No Expected Date. The developers don't have a set schedule for their updates, but they seem to drop patches on Saturdays at around 9 p.m. ET (in the United States) or 1 a.m. GMT (in the United Kingdom).

Not sure how much longer you must wait? Just refer to the countdown timer below, which ticks down to the next suspected release date. Unless the devs explicitly mentioned when the next AoT Revolution update will drop, it's best to take this information with a pinch of salt. 

The next AoT Revolution update should come out in

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