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All Secret Areas In Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms Event

Need help to find all the secret rooms in the Backrooms Event of Pet Simulator 99? No problem—I've got you covered!
All Secret Areas In Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms Event
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

On the hunt for secret areas in the Backrooms Event of Pet Simulator 99? Say no more. We've already discovered a ton of hidden rooms, including one with a 100x HUGE Chance Egg hidden inside! There are even rooms with deadly laser beams and giant bean pets floating about!

This guide will help you find all the secret areas in Pet Simulator 99's Backrooms Event and offer a collection of images showcasing all there is to find in the game. What are you waiting for? Put your adventurer cap on and join us on this epic hunt into the Backrooms Event!

Want to contribute to this guide? Send your screenshots to me at chad.kemp@ginx.tv and I'll feature your discovery right here!

How To Find Secret Areas In Backrooms Event Pet Simulator 99

There are literally DOZENS of secret areas in the Backrooms Event. Best of all, they're not too difficult to find. All you have to do is venture through the corridors and you'll eventually stumble upon them. There's no specific location or instruction because the locations are different for everybody.

The areas are procedurally generated as you explore the Backrooms Event. This means you will encounter a different room after every turn! Having said that, some secret areas in Pet Simulator 99 are more rare than others. For example, some rooms are only accessible with a Backrooms Key.

Here are some of the rooms that Roblox players have found so far. There are likely even more than these. So, if you discover a room that isn't listed here, send a screenshot to chad.kemp@ginx.tv, and I will upload it here for other readers to see (with credit, of course).

All Secret Rooms In Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms Event

The following images are courtesy of the members of the official BIG Games Discord server.

Here's some more lol!

And that's a wrap! This list is by no means exhaustive. There are likely LOADS more undiscovered secret rooms in the Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms Event. Happy gaming!