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Top 5 Best One Piece Games To Play On Roblox In 2023

Islands, Devil Fruit, Pirates, and Marines. These are just a handful of the many awesome One Piece-inspired games on Roblox.
Top 5 Best One Piece Games To Play On Roblox In 2023

There are many amazing anime games that you can play in Roblox. However, since One Piece is of the most popular manga and anime series, you can bet your bottom dollar that you can find many One Piece game adaptations on the Roblox virtual platform. Better still, each of these unique creations boasts a distinct style and gameplay. So, if it's an exhilarating pirating adventure you seek, here are the top five best Roblox One Piece adaptations to play right now.

Top 5 Best One Piece Games On Roblox

Please note that there are many other One Piece games in Roblox. That said, this list is based on the author's opinions, and we encourage you to try other games like it. Better still, if you know of a game that isn't listed here, please let us know!

Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online is one of the most popular Roblox games, having received over 500 million visits since its launch in 2018. What distinguishes this Roblox game from others is that, unlike other One Piece-inspired games, Grand Piece requires you to work for Devil Fruits

These Devil Fruits are scarce and only spawn once every one to four hours, then despawn after an hour. Grand Piece Online will also include a Battle Royale mode in which you can play single, in a duo, or in a squad.

King Legacy

roblox king legacy top 5 one piece games
Explore various islands and do quests in Roblox King Legacy. (Picture: Roblox)

In Roblox King Legacy, many islands will be explored, each with its quests and areas to visit. Like most One Piece-inspired Roblox games, there will be Devil Fruits accessible, which will benefit you both in grinding and PvP and includes a dungeon where you can combat bosses in different waves.

Piece X Tycoon

Piece X Tycoon is a Roblox game that allows you to earn money by purchasing cows, which you can then use to construct a dock and buy a ship and crew. After completing your ship, you can sail to Marineford and fight for control of the island with Devil Fruits in play, each having a different function or effect when utilized.

Blox Fruit

roblox blox fruit top 5 one piece games
Become the best player Swordsman or Box Fruit user in Roblox Blox Fruit. (Picture: Roblox)

Blox Fruit is one of many One Piece-inspired Roblox games with many features to explore, and you can also buy and equip a variety of Blox Fruit at any moment. In this epic adventure, you can become a Master Swordsman or a powerful Blox Fruit user with numerous islands and adventures to partake in as you strive to become the best Blox Fruit player.

Tien Tien Piece

Tien Tien Piece is your best pick if you're looking for a One Piece-inspired Roblox game to joke away and have fun with your friends. You will not only be outrageously powerful, but you will be able to go through the game with ease simply by causing a slew of havoc.