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Best Roblox Story Games To Play In 2022

Roblox story-based games are one of the most relaxing and exciting genres. Here is the list of best Roblox story games to play in 2022.
Best Roblox Story Games To Play In 2022

Roblox has many awesome games for players to choose from, and the best part is that it doesn't require any high-end setup to play. Additionally, Roblox is available to play on Android or iOS mobile devices.

However, given Roblox's enormous library of games, you might be confused to choose. In previous guides, we detailed the ten best scary horror games and anime games to play in Roblox; however, this time, we've isolated the ten best Roblox story games to play in 2022.

Roblox - Top 10 Best Story Games In 2022

The game titles indicated below are ranked in no particular order. Also, it's worth noting that this list of the best story games to play in Roblox reflects the author's opinions.


cone roblox story game
Try living a life of Cone.

Cone might be the funniest and most relaxing game on the list. As the name suggests, you will play as a Cone; all you need to do is live your life as a Cone and experience it all -- that's all! Players can wander around the map, exploring different places; this might be our all-time favorite Roblox story game.

Dead Silence

dead silence roblox scary horry game
Don't say a word.

Dead Silence is perhaps the most horrific game in Roblox. However, with multiple endings and multiplayer accessibility with friends, Dead Silence is also a fun game to play. The story revolves around The Legend of Mary Shaw and will surprise you with different scares you wouldn’t expect in Roblox; remember to hold your tongue.

Aquarium Story

aquarium story 2 roblox
Go diving in Aquarium Story and try to survive.

Aquarium Story is something you should hop on in Roblox if you are into puzzles and quests. This Roblox story game is about four friends who go to an Aquarium for an outing; however, when they explore the Aquarium, weird things begin to happen.

It's your job to solve the puzzles and unravel these strange occurrences. The game has multiple endings and has co-op capability as well. Moreover, Aquarium Story is available for free. In addition, the explorer pack gives you a headstart with a medkit, flashlight, and camera.

Alone In A Dark House

roblox story games alone in a dark house
Become a private investigator and the murder mystery.

Another puzzle-solving horror game is Alone in A Dark House. In this game, you'll play as a private investigator tasked with solving a double homicide. The game also has multiple endings and co-op accessibility, making it a decent story mode game you can find in Roblox. The game has been around for some time in Roblox but is still among the most awarded and played games.


roblox purge game break-in story
If you're a Purge fan, this game is for you.

BREAK-IN is a game inspired by the famous The Purge franchise. If you are a The Purge fan, this might excite you as the game revolves around a similar story and loads of other content. Like the other games on the list, BREAK-IN also has multiple endings and co-op accessibility, which means you can play with your friends to enhance your experience.

Field Trip Z

field trip z zombie roblox game
Can you survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Who doesn’t like going to field trips with school friends? Field Trip Z is based on the same concept. But as the story continues, the class realizes something is wrong and is in between a Zombie Apocalypse. Now their only goal is to survive with the help of each other.

Home Alone

home alone roblox story game
Embrace your inner Kevin McCallister in Roblox Home Alone.

As the name suggests, the game is an adaptation of the infamous Christmas movie, Home Alone. Your character is home alone, and the burglar duo is trying to invade your house; you must defend and keep the home safe before your family arrives.

A Normal Camping Story

virtual camping roblox game
Camping with friends is always fun, but what about virtual camping?

A Normal Camping Story is a camping game with your friends; unlike other games, it is free to play. Although the gameplay is almost 45 minutes long, you can play with your friends and enjoy the virtual camping experience.

Daycare 2

daycare roblox
Daycare 2 might not be to everybody's liking.

Daycare 2 is a game that might not be to everyone's taste. Still, it is a fun game to play and relax your mind. But as the story progresses, the Daycare setting changes to fight against the dark forces trying to destroy everything. The game has multiple endings and would be more fun if you played with your friends.


vacation plane hijack story game roblox
What would you do when your plane gets hijacked?

Have you ever imagined what happens when you get hijacked on a plane? Vacation simulates this scenario. In addition, you'll be tasked with crewing the aircraft after its engines fail. What will you do?

That concludes our list of the best story games available to play on Roblox in 2022.

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All featured images are courtesy of Roblox Corporation.