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How To Beat Sentinel Boss In Blade Ball

Need help defeating the Sentinel in the Blade Ball Sentinel's Revenge live event? Find the ultimate battle tactics right here!
How To Beat Sentinel Boss In Blade Ball
Roblox / Blade Ball

Are you struggling to beat the Sentinel boss in Blade Ball? No problem—we've got you covered! This guide will detail a few tried-and-tested strategies so you can complete the Sentinel's Revenge live event to redeem those coveted limited-time rewards you've been after!

Much like the Serpent Beast, the Sentinel is not the easiest boss to defeat in Blade Ball, as you'll need to avoid being hit by whirling balls and dodge obstacles. That said, you'll need to be sharp and on your toes to beat him!

How To Join Sentinel's Revenge Live Event In Blade Ball

The Sentinel's Revenge live event in Blade Ball is available every 30 minutes. To join, stand next to the portal and wait for the next event to begin. Afterward, you'll be teleported into a special fighting arena—just ensure you've enabled AFK Mode so you don't mistakenly join a regular game.

It's important to note that you'll only fight the Sentinel boss in Blade Ball in the second and third phases. To get your turn to defeat him, you'll first need to beat all the minibosses or Royal Guards—this will damage the Sentinel boss in Blade Ball, making him vulnerable to your attacks in the next phases.

Note: All players in the Blade Ball Sentinel's Revenge live event will have the same Dash and Block abilities for a fair fight. So, don't be disheartened to learn that you can't use your OP skills!

How To Defeat The Sentinel Boss In Blade Ball Live Event

blade ball sentinel boss event2

Phase 1

In the first phase of the Sentinel boss live event in Blade Ball, you'll need to dodge or hit the red balls that come your way—direct them back at the minibosses to damage them. Each of the Royal Guards has three health bars, which, when drained, will kill them and damage the Sentinel.

At the same time, you'll need to jump over the obstacles (or waves) that will spread out from the center of the arena. However, this can be difficult to do if you also have to focus on the red balls flying at you—so you need to pay extra special attention!

Try positioning yourself near the back of the arena so you have enough time to respond to any balls and waves coming your way. Occasionally, you'll need to jump over two or more waves, so be ready to double-jump if you have to! 

Pro Tip: There is a secret spot you can stand to avoid the waves (see image below). Ensure you're standing on the very tip of the rock to avoid getting hit. This spot does not protect you from the purple balls the Sentinel will shoot at you in the next phase—you've been warned!

sentinel boss live event blade ball

Phase 2

In the next phase, you must fight the Sentinel boss in Blade Ball. This stage is significantly harder because you'll need to dodge several balls and the boss's various attacks. The best tip is to stay as far back as possible so you only have to respond to the balls, obstacles, and attacks.

Speaking of which, the Sentinel boss will spawn waves from the center and sides of the arena, making them very difficult to dodge. The best strategy is to be alert and use your Dash to fly over the waves if necessary. If you manage to survive until the third phase, then things will get even more challenging.

blade ball sentinel boss event3

Phase 3

Now, the Sentinel boss in Blade Ball will spawn more minibosses, at which point two or more balls will target you at the same time. While this might feel impossible to avoid, the trick here is to use your Block and Dash abilities while countering the balls coming at you.

Other than that, the key strategy is teamwork—if you're downed, you'll need to wait a few seconds to respawn, so ensure at least one team member is alive to keep the battle going! You can improve your chances of success by spreading out along the arena's edges and avoiding getting third-partied by balls directed at nearby players.

Note: There is a possible fourth phase, which invovles a dragon spawning when the XP bar is full. Since I've not encountered this phase myself, I'm not able to provide tips. If you've got some feedback, then shoot me an email at [email protected] :) 

What Are The Sentinel Boss Event Rewards In Blade Ball?

By participating in the Sentinel's Revenge live event in Blade Ball, you'll stand a chance to earn some pretty awesome limited-time rewards like special swords and emotes. Specifically, you'll earn XP by hitting the minibosses, which you'll get to claim at the end.

It doesn't matter if you defeat the Sentinel boss or not because you'll get to roll the crate for rewards regardless of the outcome. And that's everything you need to know about defeating the Sentinel boss in Blade Ball.