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How To Get Cold Heart In Blox Fruits Update 20

Want to unlock the new Sanguine Art Fighting Style? You'll need to locate a Cold Heart in Blox Fruits.
How To Get Cold Heart In Blox Fruits Update 20

Are you wondering how to get the Cold Heart in Blox Fruits update 20? No problem — keep reading! This elusive material is important for unlocking the Sanguine Art Fighting Style, which has left many players scrambling to get their hands on it!

So, if you are a fan of vampires or blood-based combat in general, then the Sanguine Art is the Fighting Style for you! Here is everything to know about how to find Cold Heart in Blox Fruits. Let's dive in!

Where To Find Cold Heart In Blox Fruits Update 20 

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The first thing you are going to need to do is travel to the Tiki Outpost Island. The reason for this is simple: it is the only place you can unlock the Sanguine Art Fighting Style. Once you get there, you must locate Shafi — one of the island's newest inhabitants.

You can find Shafi behind some bars in the basement of the Tiki Outpost Island. You must speak to him to learn the Sanguine Art, but he will tell you, "You lack a cold heart..." So, what should you do? — the answer is to find the Cold Heart in Blox Fruits.

Shafi will not teach you the blood-based fighting style until you get one. However, as it turns out, the Cold Heart you need for Shafi to teach you the Sanguine Art is actually a Leviathan's Heart, which you can get in the Leviathan Sea Event of Blox Fruits update 20.

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How To Get Leviathan Heart In Blox Fruits update 20

To get the Leviathan to spawn for the Leviathan Sea Event, you must first go to the Shark Hunter NPC. He will sell you a Monster Magnet — this item requires that you farm 2x Terror Eyes, 20x Fool's Gold, 10x Shark Tooth, and 8x Electric Wings.

You will need the Monster Magnet if you want the Leviathan to spawn. Once it does, you will have to fight for your prize, and once defeated, you will receive your Leviathan's Heart in Blox Fruits.

Pro Tip: You'll also need to Monster Magnet for a chance to get the Shark Anchor sword — more on that in our separate guide, though.

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To start the Leviathan Sea event in Blox Fruit Update 20, you are going to have to go to the temple in the middle of Tiki Outpost Island and go right to the top. Here, you will find the NPC called Spy.

He will have more information and be able to help you start the Leviathan Sea Event, assuming you have the Monster Magnet from Shark Hunter NPC. Complete the event, get your Cold heart, and return to Shafi to unlock the Sanguine Art Fighting Style in Blox Fruits!