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How To Get Kitsune Fruit In Blox Fruits

Want to know how to unlock the Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits? Say no more—we've got you covered!
How To Get Kitsune Fruit In Blox Fruits
Blox Fruits / Rip_Indra

Want to know how to get Kitsune in Blox Fruits? You're in the right spot! This powerful new Fruit was one of the most anticipated additions to the game and is based on the spiritual fox Onimaru from the anime-manga One Piece. That said, you'll want to get your hands on it. 

So, how can you unlock the Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits? That's a great question. Luckily, we've got you covered with all the nitty-gritty details in this guide. Here's everything you need to know to get Kitsune in Blox Fruits Update 21.

Updated on 15 December: The Kitsune Fruit is finally available. You can find out everything about it right here in this guide.

How To Unlock The Kitsune Fruit In Blox Fruits

Kitsune is a Mythical Beast-type Fruit in Blox Fruits released with Blox Fruits Update 21. You can get the Kitsune Fruit by purchasing it directly from the Fruit Dealer, a special NPC in the game. Like Ghost, this fruit is not cheap, coming in hot at 8,000,000 beli or 4,000 Robux for Kitsune in Blox Fruits.

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What Is The Kitsune Fruit Moveset In Blox Fruits?

Alright—so what abilities does the Kitsune Fruit provide in Blox Fruits? We might have an answer to that! Here is the full moveset in Update 21.

  • Tails (Passive): You will gain Tails passively the longer you have the Kitsune fruit equipped. Once the meter reaches 3, you will transform into the Kitsune fox and gain the Kitsune Paws move, which lets you walk on water.
  • Accursed Enchantment (Z): This move allows you to shoot a series of bullets that can hit multiple targets in a single direction—sort of like the Flame Fruit's "Fire Bullets" move. It also does damage over time.
  • Tails of Burning Agony (X): You know the Sanguine Art (X) skill "Scarlet Tear"? Well, the Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits has a similar effect, launching a slashing attack with a longer reach. It's a stun-block and ken-break move.
  • Fox Fire Disruption (C): This is another ken break move that produces a large AoE explosion attack that can damage several enemies at once.
  • Wild Assault (F): This move is sort of like Godhuman's "Soaring Beast"—you dash forward and then release a flurry of attacks, knocking the enemy back at the end.
  • Transformation (V): This is a transformation ability that turns you into a powerful fox with nine tails. It will probably amplify the damage of all the other abilities, adding burn damage and providing an M1 attack.

And that's all—that's everything we know about the Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits. We hope you found this guide useful! But don't stop there. Learn how to unlock Cyborg Race or find a collection of the best Swords from every Sea in Blox Fruits.