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Where Is Frozen Dimension In Blox Fruits Update 20?

Did you know there's a new secret island in Update 20? Here's where to find the Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits!
Where Is Frozen Dimension In Blox Fruits Update 20?

Looking for the location of the Frozen Dimension Blox Fruits Update 20? You're in great company! This elusive secret zone has puzzled many Roblox players — after all, it's needed to spawn the Leviathan and unlock the highly sought-after Sanguine Art style!

So, what gives? Where is the Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits?! Chill out, bro. That's where we come in. Similar to how we detailed all the steps to get the Shark Anchor, you can trust that we'll not lead you astray. Sound good? Then, let's dive right in!

What Is The Frozen Dimension In Blox Fruits?

frozen island location in blox fruits update 20

The Frozen Dimension was added in Blox Fruits Update 20 as a new Sea event. You'll need to locate it if you want to spawn the Leviathan, which is required for unlocking the Sanguine Art Fighting Style and crafting the Beast Hunter ship.

It's important to note that you'll need at least five players in your party to find the Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits and take on the Leviathan. That said, ensure your Sea Exploration Group is always together; otherwise, the Sea Beast might not spawn.

Where Is The Frozen Dimension In Blox Fruits?

frozen dimension location blox fruits

Alright, so where is this new snowy realm? Well, the Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits is located in the middle of the ocean, on the outskirts of the new Tiki Outpost Island. However, players struggle to find it because it has a very low spawn rate — it is a secret island, after all.

The best way to find the Frozen Dimension is to start your journey from the opposite side of where the boats spawn on Tiki Outpost (so directly behind it, as pointed out by the red arrow). As you venture from this position, send your ship straight out until you reach Sea Danger Level 5 or 6.

Pro Tip: Use the Miracle Boat to reach the Frozen Island in Blox Fruits faster and with less hassle. Its speed will allow you to easily outrun the sea monsters that pop up along the way!

miracle boat blox fruits

Again, there is no guarantee that the Frozen Dimension will spawn in Blox Fruits — remember, it has a very rare chance to appear. So, don't be shocked if you spend hours searching for it to no avail. Also, after the Leviathan has been slain, this snowy biome will not spawn for some time (the island has a cooldown). So, keep that in mind.

And that's everything you need to know about the Blox Fruits Frozen Dimension. Wasn't that easy peasy? But don't let the fun times go — check out these other awesome Roblox guides: Mammoth Fruit | Pain Fruit | Monster Magnet | Hasan | Ectoplasm

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