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How To Get Mammoth Fruit In Blox Fruits Update 20

Find out everything about the Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits Update 20 right here!
How To Get Mammoth Fruit In Blox Fruits Update 20

Want to know more about the new Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits? You've got it! The new Update 20 patch brings many exciting new features and content additions, including a brand-new Tiki Outpost Island, new weapons, Fruits, and loads more!

Alright — cool — so what's the deal with the Blox Fruits Mammoth Fruit? Say no more. Find out everything to know right here, including its moveset and how to unlock it for yourself in the game.

How Can You Get The Mammoth Fruit In Blox Fruits?

mammoth fruit form blox fruits update 20

Like the Pain Fruit, it's not particularly difficult to the Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits. All you need to do is go to the Fruit Dealer NPC and buy it for 2.7 million Beli or 2,350 Robux. This vendor can be found in the Pirate Starter and Marine Starter Islands, as well as many other locations.

You can use the chat command “/finddealer” to find out where the Blox Fruit Dealer is currently located. While the Mammoth Fruit won't always be in stock, you'll always have the option to purchase it with Robux — doing this will unlock it permanently.

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What Is The Mammoth Fruit Moveset In Blox Fruits?

mammoth fruit blox fruits

The Mammoth Fruit is a Mythical rarity Beast-type Fruit in Blox Fruits that transforms you into a large elephant-looking creature. This mighty beast has five abilities and a four-hit M1 attack. You can learn more about the Mammoth Fruit's abilities in the table below:

Key Name Mastery Description
Z-Key Ancient Cutter 1

Transforms into a dark aura-clad mammoth, stomping and sending three large ground and air slashes. Usable in air.

Transformation effect: The Mammoth's horns turn red, releasing three large slashes followed quickly by another five upon release.

X-Key True Prehistoric Punt 50

Becomes a dark aura mammoth, dashing forward rapidly and launching hit targets upwards.

Transformation effect: Dashes forward, stomping on the hit target.

C-Key Colossal Crusher 100

Dashes and slams hit targets to the ground, akin to the X move but with a downward force.

Transformation effect: Dashes forward, slamming the hit target into the ground.

V-Key Transformation 300

Transforms into an armored mammoth with unique jump, dash, and airborne damage-dealing abilities.

Transformation effect: Transform back into a human.

F-Key Stampede 200

Executes a forward jump, extending in distance the longer the move is held, resembling the Buddha C move.

Transformation effect: Stampede forward, dealing damage. Infinite use when held unless interrupted by damage.

And that's everything you need to know about the new Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits Update 20. Looking for more cool guides? Check out our dedicated Roblox guides section! Otherwise, check out the video below by YouTuber Magicbus for a full showcase.