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How To Get Saddi In Blox Fruits

Here's how to find Saddi sword in Blox Fruits, as well as all the Legendary Sword Dealer locations, bringing you one step closer to the True Triple Katana!
How To Get Saddi In Blox Fruits

Want to find Saddi in Blox Fruits? Is that even a question? This A-Tier sword might not pack the same damage as the Rengoku or Dark Blade, but it is critical in forging the mighty True Triple Katana! So, it's no shock many players want to wield it. However, the question is how to get it.

Well, you'll want to know all the Legendary Sword Dealer's locations in the Second Sea, as he is the NPC who sells it. And that's where we come in. Whether you're a veteran or a newbie, this guide will teach you exactly how to get the Saddi in Blox Fruits, including Wando and Shisui, too!

Update on 2 July 2023: Are you excited about Blox Fruits Update 20? Sure, you are! Find out exactly when the new patch will release by reading our dedicated page here.

How To Unlock Saddi In Blox Fruits


Want to get the cool Saddi sword in Blox Fruits? Here's how! You first need to travel to the Second Sea. Then, finish a special task called the Bartilo Quest, but remember, you can only do this quest if you're at Level 954 or higher.

Once you've done those things, join the server and chat with a guy named the Manager. He will give you some tips about where to find the Legendary Sword Dealer, who sells awesome swords like the Saddi, Wando, and Shisui.

Listen carefully to what the Manager says because he gives you clues about when the Sword Dealer will show up in the game. He says different things, meaning different amounts of time left until the Sword Dealer arrives.

Check out the table below to understand what the Manager's words mean.

Manager's Dialog Meaning
"It's still too early for you to be here." This means that you have spoken to the Manager too early. Wait 10 minutes after joining the server to talk to him. This is to prevent server hopping.
"Are you new to this island?" This means you have not completed the Bartilo Quest.
"Some pirates said they ran into him on a nearby island last week." This indicates that it's around three hours or more until the dealer spawns.
"A man in here earlier claimed to see his ship nearby today." This signals roughly an hour and 15 minutes left until the dealer spawns.
"I think you should be getting here soon. It's all anyone in here has been talking about." This means there are 15 minutes until the dealer spawns.
"Hey, I just saw him. He told me he would be in the area for 15 minutes. Good luck!" This implies the dealer has spawned, and you have 15 minutes to find him.
"Meh, he left not too long ago." This indicates that the dealer has left, and it will show up for around 30 minutes after the dealer has left.

How To Find Legendary Sword Dealer In Blox Fruits

So, to get your hands on the awesome Saddi sword in Blox Fruits, you need to track down a dude known as the Legendary Sword Dealer. The tricky part? He can pop up in seven different places in the game.

All Legendary Sword Dealer Spawn Locations

This table will give you some idea of where to find the Legendary Sword Dealer in Blox Fruits.

Location Description Image
The Rock The first spawn location is behind the rock directly north of the cafe. blox_fruits_legendary_sword_dealer_spawn_location_1
The Waterway The second spot is inside the underground waterway. It's accessed via a passage, and the dealer spawns on one of the platforms down there. blox_fruits_legendary_sword_dealer_spawn_location_2
Usoapp's Island Also known as Remote Island, it's a small spot of land southeast of the Second Sea spawn where you can buy Kabucha. The dealer can spawn inside the center house. blox_fruits_legendary_sword_dealer_spawn_location_3
The Colosseum The dealer can appear in between one of the archways at the top level of the Colosseum. blox_fruits_legendary_sword_dealer_spawn_location_4
Green Zone 1 The dealer can spawn in the Green Zone, behind the three rocks near the Fajita Boss. blox_fruits_legendary_sword_dealer_spawn_location_5
Green Zone 2 The dealer can also spawn on the leaves in the air of the Green Zone. Note that getting to this air-spawn location might require flight. blox_fruits_legendary_sword_dealer_spawn_location_6
The Graveyard The final spawn location is the Graveyard, where the dealer can spawn on top of the central pillar. blox_fruits_legendary_sword_dealer_spawn_location_7

Once you find the Legendary Sword Dealer in Blox Fruits, you can purchase one of three cool swords: Shisui, Wando, or Saddi. But here's the catch - the dealer only sells one sword at a time, costing a whopping 2 million Beli!

So, snagging the Saddi in Blox Fruits on your first try might not happen. You've got a one-in-three shot that the dealer will have the Saddi available. So, you might need to find the dealer a few times before he has the Saddi ready for sale.

But don't worry; it's worth it! Once you get all three swords, you can craft the ultra-powerful True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits, making you even more formidable in your adventures. So, keep going and happy hunting for the Saddi!

And there you have it - a comprehensive guide on how to get the Saddi in Blox Fruits! We want to extend a special thank you to YouTuber Sike Chrome for their walkthrough, which greatly informed the contents of this guide. While you are here, read our guides on how to get all the Elite Pirates, Human V4, and Dark Blade.