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How To Get Swan Glasses In Blox Fruits

Want to learn how to unlock Swan Glasses in Blox Fruits? This guide has you covered!
How To Get Swan Glasses In Blox Fruits

Want to know how to get Swan Glasses in Blox Fruits? That should hardly be a surprise. This powerful Accessory boasts a range of buffs that will prove useful in PvP situations, including high defense, cooldown reduction, movement speed, and other buffs. However, the question is how to unlock it.

Well, that's where this guide comes in! First and foremost, getting your hands on the Swan Glasses in Blox Fruits will be annoyingly challenging. Why? It has a very low drop chance. Still, the buffs certainly make it worth attempting. So, enough waffling. Let's dive right into the nitty-gritty!

Update on 2 July 2023: Are you excited about Blox Fruits Update 20? Sure, you are! Find out exactly when the new patch will release by reading our dedicated page here.

What Is Swan Glasses In Blox Fruits?

Swan Glasses are a Legendary type of Accessory in Blox Fruits, forming one of three main ways to boost your character's stats and damage in the game. Once unlocked, you can equip the Swan Glasses via the Inventory to benefit from any stats bonuses.

The Swan Glasses in Blox Fruits look like a pair of snazzy sunglasses with red lenses. The bonuses include +250 Energy, +250 Health, +8% Damage, +8% Defense against attacks, +8% attack cooldown reduction, and +25% Movement Speed, which is why it is so difficult to obtain.


How Can I Get Swan Glasses In Blox Fruits?

You can unlock Swan Glasses in Blox Fruits by defeating the Don Swan Boss. You can find this boss through the double doors of the Mansion in the middle of the Kingdom of Rose, in the Second Sea. However, there is no guarantee you will get the Swan Glasses since it only has a 2.5% drop chance.

It's worth noting that you can only access the Swan's Room if you are Level 1000+. In addition to this, you will need to interact with Trevor and gift him a Blox Fruit worth 1M or more. Afterward, you can access the door to the Don Swan Boss. The rest is up to you.


After you have defeated the Swan Boss, you'll (hopefully) receive the Swan Glasses as a reward in Blox Fruits. This Accessory is quite powerful, offering several buffs like cooldown reduction and a movement speed increase that will benefit you in future PvP battles.

It's worth mentioning that the Swan Boss only spawns every 30 minutes, so if he isn't there, you may want to come back later. Also, to reiterate, unlocking the Swan Glasses in Blox Fruits largely comes down to luck, so don't be disappointed if you don't get it on your first try.

And that's everything you need to know about unlocking Swan Glasses in Blox Fruits. But that's not all! While you are here, read our guides on how to get all the Elite Pirates, Human V4, and Dark Blade.