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How To Get Corn Doggo in Adopt Me

We explain how you can get the Legendary pet Corn Doggo during the Adopt Me Summer State Fair 2024 in Roblox.
How To Get Corn Doggo in Adopt Me
Uplift Games

Do you want to get the excessively cute Corn Doggo in Roblox Adopt Me during the Summer State Fair 2024? Of course you do! It is, after all, the perfect friend for last year's Hot Doggo.

Let's jump straight into the details on how you can get Corn Doggo in Adopt Me, including the ticket price to buy this Legendary pet and how you can get more tickets with relative ease.

Buying Corn Doggo in Adopt Me: Price & Availability

There's no easy way to put this. Corn Doggo is a very expensive Legendary pet in Adopt Me. It will take a bit of grinding, as you will need to farm a whopping 125,000 Summer State Fair 2024 tickets to purchase the cute little pet.

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We suggest doing the new Balloon Pop event, the Rodeo Ride, and the Speedy Stables minigames to get more tickets ASAP and, hopefully, purchase Corn Doggo.

Corn Doggo Adopt me summer state fair 2024
You can buy Corn Doggo in Adopt Me for a whopping 125,000 tickets! (Picture: Uplift Games)

Remember, there's a lot of awesome stuff to spend your tickets on, including the Betta Fish Ball Toss, so you'll have to decide which pets you want the most.

At the time of writing, it is unclear if Corn Doggo will be available to purchase after the Summer State Fair 2024 comes to an end on 12 July 2024, but we highly doubt it will be if we look at historic trends for Adopt Me events. We can also confirm that Corn Doggo is tradeable.

In case you've missed it, check out the awesome new trailer for the Adopt Me Summer State Fair 2024 week 3, including footage of the Balloon Pop minigame, Corn Doggo, and more.

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