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What Is A-60 In Roblox Doors & Why Is It So Scary?

Roblox Doors is spooky to its core. Here's everything about the Entity A-60 Doors Roblox and why this game is so scary.
What Is A-60 In Roblox Doors & Why Is It So Scary?

Although Halloween has ended, it does not mean the end for all things horrific and creepy. Doors is one of the many Roblox horror games, drawing heavy inspiration from similar titles like Rooms and Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion. As you might expect, Roblox Doors features tons of jump scares and creepypastas. However, one Entity that many players seem to be terrified of is the (secret) Entity A-60. This guide details everything about this monster and what makes it so scary. 

A-60 Doors Roblox Explained - What Is It?

roblox doors entities horror a-60 what is a-60 why so scary where to find
Traverse through the many rooms in the Roblox Doors game and try to escape various Entities. (Picture: Roblox) 

A-60 is an Easter Egg in the Roblox Doors, which is why it is not listed as an official Entity. The monster will appear when you enter Room 60 or open the door. A-60 will appear as a glowing red creature with various faces; it may also appear alongside other Entities.

When this Entity gets close to you, it will emit a faint buzzing or static sound. Though you might want to encounter A-60, it seems that this Entity is a monster used by the developers to troll streamers when playing the Roblox Doors. We've listed some of the Entities you're likely to run into in the game:

  • Figure
  • Guiding Light
  • Rush
  • Ambush
  • Halt
  • Seek
  • Eyes
  • Glitch
  • Screech 
  • Jack
  • Hide
  • Timothy
  • Window
  • Shadow

What Makes Roblox Doors So Terrifying?

roblox doors a-60 room entities monsters hide hints
There will be various ways the Doors game will hint at you that there is an Entity nearby. (Picture: Roblox)

Doors is a multiplayer or solo game in Roblox where you travel through different rooms in a massive mansion and counter various monsters calledEntities. Your objective is simple: survive. The reason Roblox Doors is so scary is that it incorporates everything that makes the supernatural terrifying. While the game is not time-sensitive, the various noises such as footsteps, doors closing, and faint buzzing, will frighten players.

There's a lot to discover in Roblox Doors; just don't get caught by any of the Entities lurking around. For example, if you stay in a closet or under a bed for too long, the Entity Hide will warn you with red static and either kill you or toss you out of your hiding place. In addition, you may have to spend more time in one location while listening to various eerie noises because you can't find specific goods necessary for the game's progression. As a result, you might find yourself stuck in a dark spot you thought was safe to hide, only to discover later the Entities are there with you.

Ultimately, Doors is a game with everything required to craft your worst nightmare imaginable. If you don't believe me, why not download the game and try it out yourself?

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 Featured images are courtesy of Roblox.