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When Will Roblox Doors Update Release? – Everything We Know

Roblox Doors update will include new features like gameplay mechanics, items, and more. Here's what we know about the update.
When Will Roblox Doors Update Release? – Everything We Know

There are many horror games that you can play on Roblox but Doors, developed by Lighting Splash, is one of the fastest games to surpass one billion visits. The game draws immense inspiration from similar scary titles like Rooms and Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion, featuring an array of Entities (like A60) concealed throughout the game.

To put the cherry on top, Roblox Doors will soon receive a significant content update, with new features like hotel upgrades, new game mechanics, and Badges introduced to the game. The update will also add several new rooms, items, and Entities. This guide will detail everything we know about the upcoming Roblox Doors update, including its release date and what to expect.

Updated on 26 January 2023: We checked for any new details regarding the Roblox Doors update.

Roblox Doors New Update Release Date

roblox doors new update release date
The next Roblox Doors update is expected to release sometime in December 2022 or January 2023.

The Roblox Doors content update was expected to release sometime in December 2022 but was recently pushed back to January 2023. An exact release date for the new Roblox Doors update was not provided but will follow once the developers advance to the testing phase.

Update on 22 January 2023

On 22 January, Doors developer Lightning Splash (LSPLASH) noted via Twitter that they are currently playtesting the new Roblox Doors update. "Hopefully, everything goes smoothly and we can announce a release date soon," they added. Later on 25 January, LSPLASH said that they were "wrapping up the update."

Update on 12 January 2023

On 12 January, the developers noted on Twitter that they were "still working hard on the update."

Update on 30 December 2022

In a Twitter thread on 30 December 2022, the developers wrote, "We're really sorry that this happened and are as disappointed as you are that we couldn't ship the update in time. We even went as far as to double our estimate of when the update would be done (we originally thought it would be ready in November) just in case."

"With the massive audience we gained, we've had to shift our focus and get everything set up on the legal side of things and all that fun stuff alongside the development of the update. We hope you can understand. We'll be much quicker in the future!" 

Everything Coming In New Roblox Doors Update

The content update for Roblox Doors will rework the entire Hotel rather than individual floors and will include brand-new secrets and challenges. Some updates we discovered include a new Hallway type, with boxes and crates obstructing your path.

There also appears to be a new room door handle effect, and when you approach a chest of drawers, the lights will shatter when you interact with it. We also discovered a new clock type, which opens the door to the idea of a timed event, while prior clocks did not operate.

roblox doors update when is doors updating release date new feature entities items rooms
You can now choose which path you want to take in the new Roblox Doors update.

Lastly, a new mechanic in the game allows you to choose which path you wish to take. For example, if you finish Floor 11, you can now choose to enter Floor 12 or Floor 13. You may also expect new Entities, items, rooms, a slew of new badges, and a new achievement system. There are also going to be new game settings added.

Here's a teaser clip posted by the developers on the game's official Twitter account:

We will endeavor to update this article with any new information regarding the new Roblox Doors update.