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When Will Roblox Doors Update Release? – Floor 2 Update

Learn everything about the new Roblox Doors Floor 2 update right here, including all the new Entities, rooms, tools, and more headed to the game!
When Will Roblox Doors Update Release? – Floor 2 Update

Many Roblox horror games exist, but LSPLASH's version of Doors is one of the fastest games to surpass one billion visits. The game draws immense inspiration from scary titles like Rooms and Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, featuring many Entities concealed throughout the game.

To put the cherry on top, Roblox Doors' new "Floor 2 update" is expected to be released soon, bringing new Entities, rooms, tools, and achievements to the game. This guide will detail everything we know about the new Roblox Doors update, including its release date and what to expect.

Updated on 23 November 2023: There is still no concrete release date for the Floor 2 update in sight.

Roblox Doors New Update Release Date

There is no concrete release date for the Roblox Doors Floor 2 content update. That said, our best possible guess is that it will come out sometime next year. Unfortunately, neither LSPLASH nor any other developers have made any official announcements other than the X post below.

The countdown timer below is ticking down to 1 April 2024, which is just a speculation date — think nothing of it. We will update this guide with news of any new updates coming to Roblox Doors.

Floor 2 of Roblox Doors might be released in
129 days, 16:27:48

Everything Coming In New Roblox Doors Update

The Doors 2 Floor 2 update is loaded with exhilarating new content, promising to elevate your Roblox experience.

New Entities

doors floor 2 update

According to leaks, there are 11 distinct new Entities, each boasting unique characteristics.

  • Rush (reworked): Rush is much faster on Floor 2 of Doors, speeding through rooms and creating an eerie static to alert nearby players of its impending arrival.
  • Figure (reworked): In Floor 2, Figure emits light from its mouth and is no longer the main antagonist but is still alive and will appear at the game's end.
  • Seek (reworked): Seek has mutated and introduces unique obstacles, such as going upstairs and avoiding misleading lights, making the gameplay more challenging.
  • The Watcher: This new main antagonist is a tall humanoid with a prosthetic foot and a Seek eye, roaming rooms and searching for the player, adding a new layer of threat in Roblox Doors' Floor 2 update.
  • Decoy: A black void-like entity with lightning cracks, white diamond eyes, and a red glow, Decoy lurks in closets, warning players to avoid opening if they notice a faint red light.
  • Hurry: A red, hellish-like, faster version of Floor 1 Rush with photorealistic eyes, enhancing the pace and intensity of Doors.
  • El Goblino: Stationed at a desk and takes orders in the game, offering an interactive element and a break from the intense gameplay. He looks nearly the same as his counterpart in the Hotel+ update.
  • Bob (pre-run shop): Bob now owns his shop, serving as a resource for players at the start of each run, introducing a new preparatory phase to gameplay.
  • Lurk: Resembling Holt but in orange, Lurk's specific role and attributes are yet unveiled, adding an element of mystery to the new Floor 2 update of Roblox Doors.
  • The Overseer: A big red eye surrounded by Seek-like goo; limited information available, promising an intriguing and possibly menacing new gameplay element.
  • Stare: A blackish-maroon, void-like entity with tentacles and two red eyes. Players must look directly at it, reversing the instinct to look away, offering a new gameplay twist.

New Rooms

rooms doors floor 2 update

You can also prepare to navigate through multiple new rooms in the Doors Floor 2 update. Each space is thoughtfully constructed, offering challenges that perfectly align with the enhanced gameplay dynamics introduced to the game.

  • Computer Room: Features computers and a second floor.
  • Freezer Room: Contains frozen crates and shelves.
  • Hallway Room: Has stacked crates, a pipe, and a long hallway that might be used for a Seek chase.
  • Underground Room: This room features a broken gate located underground.
  • Wooden Plank Room: Located underground with wooden planks and rails.
  • Crates & Barrels Room: Contains crates, barrels, paintings, and a gate.
  • Cavey Room: Appears on Doors 190 to 199.
  • Oil Barrel Room: Features an oil barrel impaled by The Watcher's spikes.
  • Furnace & Boiler Room: Showcases The Watcher impaling a player. Possibly a room after Door 150.
  • Room 50: Large with old walls, chains, spikes, and a bridge; themed orange and associated with The Watcher.

New Tools

Your arsenal of tools is also being expanded with the introduction of versatile items like the Crowbar, which is invaluable for accessing secured areas. These items join the familiar light sources - the Candle, Lighter, Crucifix, and Flashlight - extending your toolkit to maneuver Doors' intense, enigmatic world.

And that's everything we know about Doors Floor 2 update. Stay tuned for more! We want to extend a special thank you to the YouTuber Kwill for summarizing all the major changes to Doors in the Floor 2 update.