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Roblox Doors Entity Tier List: All Entities Ranked From Best To Worst

Discover the best and the worst Entities in Roblox Doors after the Hotel+ update in this comprehensive Entity tier list.
Roblox Doors Entity Tier List: All Entities Ranked From Best To Worst

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of every Entity in Roblox Doors? Well, you've found it. This guide contains a complete ranking of all Entities in the game, from the best to the worst. In addition, we've included those featured in The Rooms and Super Hard Mode! So whether you're a veteran Doors speedrunner or a newcomer looking to prove your mettle, this tier list will help you navigate the various threats.

Our rankings consider each Entity's threat level, jump scare potential, and rarity in the latest Hotel+ update of Roblox Doors. If you're looking for the best Entity in Doors or want to know which Entity to avoid at all costs, this guide has got you covered. So continue reading to find out where your favorite Entities rank on our list.

Updated on 20 April 2023: We ranked all the current Entities in Roblox Doors after the Hotel+ update, including those exclusive to The Rooms and Super Hard Mode. There's a good chance new Entities will be released in future updates; however, we'll try our best to keep this guide as up-to-date as possible.

What Is The Worst Entity In Roblox Doors?

The worst Entity in Doors would be A-90, which is exclusive to "'The Room." As such, it is ranked in the D-Tier. It is described as one of the most dangerous Entities in the game, capable of killing players instantly. While other Entities in the D-Tier may also have fear-inducing cutscenes and jump scares, A-90 is the worst because it is extremely loud and catches players when they least expect it. This makes the jump scare particularly frightening. It is also possible for A-90 to spawn while A-60 or A-120 are around.

Roblox Doors Entity Tier List: All Entities Ranked


The Entities mentioned in this tier list were ranked by their threat level and effectiveness in Roblox Doors. That means Entities in the S- and A-tiers might be extremely helpful (like Guiding Light) or deal very little damage (like Halt). We trust you've played enough of the game to discriminate between them. In addition, we've also considered other factors, such as how often they appear, jump scare potential, their rarity, and some personal biases.

Tier Descriptions
  • S-Tier: These are the best Entities in Roblox Doors that positively impact gameplay, are rare and difficult to encounter, or are not of any threat to you.
  • A-Tier: These Entities are mediocre and have little to no impact on gameplay. They may be common and exist to add to the variety of dangers in the game.
  • B-Tier: Entities in this tier are decent and have some impact on gameplay but are not as rare or powerful as other Entities in our list.
  • C-Tier: These Entities are also strong and impactful but may not be as rare or game-changing. Still, they are worth avoiding, especially if you have low health.
  • D-Tier: These are the worst Entities in Roblox Doors because they can kill you instantly or have the most fear-inducing cutscenes and jump scares.

Disclaimer: This tier list is based on the author's opinions, in which case you might not agree with the Entity rankings in this list. That said, you should use this list as a guide while making your own inferences about the various Entities you'll encounter in Roblox Doors.

Best Entity Guiding Light
S-Tier Jack, Shadow, Window, Bob, Jeff, El Goblino
A-Tier Halt, Eyes, Curious Light, Banana Peel
B-Tier Dupe, Subspace Tripmine, Glitch, Hide, Timothy, Greed
C-Tier Figure, Void, Snare, Screach, A-60, A-120, Jeff The Killer
D-Tier Rush, Ambush, Seek, A-90, Evil Key
Worst Entity A-90

And that concludes our tier list of all the Entities in Doors Roblox. We hope this guide will help you to navigate some of these more efficiently. We want to extend a special thanks to the YouTuber Thinknoodles for their insightful analysis and expertise, which massively informed this tier list. Please consider subscribing to their channel or watching the video embedded below for a more detailed explanation of these Entity rankings for Roblox Doors.