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How To Get All Lana Badges In Roblox Dress To Impress

Need help to unlock all the hidden badges of Lana's quest in Dress To Impress? No problem—I've got you covered!
How To Get All Lana Badges In Roblox Dress To Impress

Do you consider yourself an avid badge collector? You're not alone! This guide will help you unlock all the secret Lana badges in the latest Roblox Dress to Impress update featuring Nail Tech Lana. So, prepare to boost your gaming experience with these tips!

By exploring these badges, you'll delve into Lana's lore and uncover many secrets hidden deep within the Forest. So, without further ado, here's how to get every badge in the Lana quest of Dress To Impress.

How To Unlock Every Lana Badge In Dress To Impress

You can collect eight secret badges in Dress To Impress as part of the brand-new Lana quest. Alongside these badges, you can also unlock a unique dress and earn 1,500 in-game currency. For an in-depth walkthrough on how to secure these items, check out my guide linked above.

Below, you'll find a detailed table that outlines each badge and the steps required to obtain them:

Badge Name How to Obtain
Follow The Flowers Join the game by searching for the Roblox user "@LanaDoesNails," click on the Forest game, then click play. You will earn the badge when the game begins.
Meeting Ground Find the invisible bridge in the Forest (the words "Innocense, Tragedy, and Wrath" are written on the floor. Then, open the Settings menu, enable "Click to Move," and cross the bridge. You will earn the badge when you get safely to the other side.
Keys & Lockets From the podium in the Forest, keep right and walk straight ahead until you reach a massive pit. Walk around the pit. You will see a cave with a gigantic key hanging from the ceiling. Enter the cave to earn the badge.
Symphony of Knocks Near the podium in the Forest, spam the Jump button to climb a huge pillar next to a brick wall. At the last pillar, press Shift + Jump to scale the wall. Then, find a shed and stand next to it to receive the badge.
Letters of the Past Tilt your camera at the side edge to spot a platform below at the invisible bridge used for the Meeting Ground badge. Jump down and follow the cave to a bedroom to earn the badge.
Final Activation Stand on a pillar at the podium and have three players or friends stand on the other pillars to teleport to the maze. Enter the maze to earn the badge.
The Maze Reach the end of the maze in Lana's quest in Dress To Impress. A dedicated guide is available to help navigate the maze.
Last Serenade Automatically earn this badge after completing all other badges.

And that concludes my guide on how to get all the badges in Dress To Impress. I want to extend a massive thank you to the YouTuber Enchanteddizzy for explaining all the steps. If my instructions were not clear enough, please watch the video below and consider subscribing if you haven't done so already!