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Sols RNG Exoflex Device: How To Craft & Effect

We explain the recipe and how you can craft the incredibly-powerful Exoflex Device in Sols RNG with the Era 8 update.
Sols RNG Exoflex Device: How To Craft & Effect
Sol's Studio

Do you want to get the Exoflex Device in Roblox Sols RNG? Then, we are here to help anyone who is currently enjoying the Era 8 update, which also includes content such as  Black Merchant Jester, the Travelling Merchant Mari, and eight new Auras.

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Let's jump in and hit that lucky roll as we explain the Exoflex Device's effects/boots in Sols RNG, alongside how you can craft this right-handed gear piece and the items required.

Exoflex Device Powerful Effect in Sols RNG Era 8

First off, an official description of the Exoflex Device reads:

A device that will make your Exotic Destiny even more Brilliant...

In Sols RNG, the Exoflex Device was released with the Era 8 update for Roblox gamers to work towards. It is a right-handed gear piece, which increases the player's luck by x3.4 (340%). Further, it also decreases your roll cooldown by a whopping 35%. At the time of writing, details on the Exoflex Device's unique effect are unknown. 

Crafting Sols RNG Exoflex Device: Recipe & Auras

roblox sols rng exoflex device craft recipe auras jake's workshop era 8 update Fierce Spirit
Jake's Workshop is waiting on you! (Picture: Sol's Studio)

To craft the Exoflex Device in Sols RNG, you must have the Exo Gauntlet, which you also have to craft. If you have it already, you can head to Jake's Workshop near the spawn area to craft this right-handed gear with the following ingredients:

  • 1 Exo Gauntlet
  • 3 Arcane
  • 5 Jade
  • 50 Exotic
  • 37 Undead
  • 350 Sidereum
  • 1,000 Aquamarine
  • 2,000 Forbidden
  • 30,000 Rare

It really is as simple as that. Now, you can equip the incredibly powerful Exoflex Device in Sols RNG!

So there you have it, the full recipe with everything required to craft the extremely powerful right-handed gear, Exoflex Device. Good luck, Roblox Sols RNG enjoyers; You are going to need it!

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