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How To Complete Ghost Hunt Event In Greenville

Learn the secrets of hunting ghosts in Greenville right here.
How To Complete Ghost Hunt Event In Greenville

Do you want to know how to start and finish the Ghost Hunt Event in Greenville? The answer is obviously yes, and you are in the right place. Greenville is like Brookhaven as it is an easy-going RP game where you can do a lot of different activities.

Like Brookhaven, Greenville is having its own Halloween event. This time around, it is a special Ghost Hunt event. If you want to be just like one of the Ghost Busters, then look no further! Here, we will go over the secret of hunting ghosts in Greenville.

How To Start And Finish Ghost Hunt Event In Greenville Roblox

Greenville Ghost Hunt Event
Find the Ghost Hunter first to start the Halloween event in Greenville.

Are you ready to begin hunting some ghosts? If you are, you should be excited because starting the Ghost Hunt event in Greenville is not too difficult. To initiate this event, you must go to the Motel and talk to the Ghost Hunter next to a blue car.

Once you talk to him and accept his quest, he will tell you to grab the pack in the trunk of his car. Grab the pack, and you will get a ghost-hunting pack — just like the Ghost Busters use. Now it is time to start the Ghost Hunt event and catch those ghosts haunting Greenville!

Of course, ghosts will only come out in the dark, so make sure it is nighttime to start hunting ghosts. Once it is nighttime in Greenville, you'll find several areas packed with ghosts. Here are the following areas you will need to head to if you want to complete the Ghost Hunt Event:

  • Graveyard
  • Airport
  • Junkyard
  • Gv Lake
  • Motel
  • Cat's Park

Hit the pumpkin icon on your menu bar to see your ghost-hunting progress. Thankfully (or unfortunately), Greenville has so many ghosts that you do not need to hunt them all to complete your mission. Just fill up each bar to 100% in each area, and you can move on to the next area to catch even more ghosts.

Once you have reached 100% in each area, the Ghost Hunt event will be complete and you will be rewarded!

Ghost Hunt Event Rewards In Greenville Roblox

Greenville Halloween Event
There are plenty of ghosts to hunt in Greenville during Halloween.

Now that you have completed the Ghost Hunt Event in Greenville, what exactly do you get for all your troubles? Once you have hunted your last ghost, you will be immediately rewarded with $75,000 and a new car!

The $75,000 is nice, but the new car is the real prize. If you are a Ghost Busters fan, you will definitely recognize this car. The Ghost Hunt event car looks just like the movie's iconic Ghost Busters car. Now, you can drive in style in Greenville.

Not only that, but you will get the newest Greenville badge called the Halloween 2023 Badge. Not a bad prize at all! Remember that the Ghost Hunt event will only last until November 2nd, so get on it and hunt those ghosts!

We would like to thank th3c0nnman on YouTube for their video guide! All pictures used here are from them, and if you need a video guide to complete the Ghost Hunt event in Greenville, check out the video below.