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How To Get 2SS In Haze Piece

Want to know how to unlock the 2SS V1 and V2 Swords in Haze Piece? Look no further — we have you covered!
How To Get 2SS In Haze Piece
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Do you want to know how to get 2SS in Haze Piece? You're in luck! We have exactly what you need. Understandably, you might want to wield this Sword. After all, it is very powerful — especially if you upgrade it to 2SS V2, which is even more powerful with extra abilities!

Any self-respecting One Piece fan should, at some point, try and get their hands on the 2SS V1 and then aim to obtain the coveted 2SS V2 in Haze Piece. So, what are you waiting for? Get that boat ready as we dive into all the steps required to nab this beast of a weapon.

How To Get 2SS In Haze Piece 

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First things first: you will have to hop in your boat and take a little trip. Where to, you may ask? To Logue City, of course! Once you are there, look around the buildings closest to the edge of the town.

You should find the NPC Doctor White hanging about nearby! He is fairly cheerful and easy to find but doesn't work for free. To get 2SS V1 in Haze Piece from Doctor White, you will need to have 100,000 belly. This isn't too expensive, considering what you are getting.

The 2SS V1 is pretty strong right away, to be honest. But what you really want is 2SS V2 in Haze Piece. The base version of this Sword will take care of most enemies, but there is too much of a gap not to upgrade it.

How To Get 2ss & 2ss V2 In Haze Piece 4

How To Get 2SS V2 In Haze Piece

Okay, so you played around with 2SS V1 enough and want to make it V2. The next question is: how do you do that? Simple. First, you will need to defeat the Dual Swordsmen level 500 boss in Haze Piece.

He is reasonably strong, but you should be able to defeat him pretty easily with 2SS V1. You might beat him multiple times because he only has a 50% chance of dropping the book you need for 2SS V2 in Haze Piece.

Take note, though: the Dual Swordsman spawns in Logue City but only once every 60 minutes. So, if you die while fighting him, you will have to wait a while before you can try again. That said, make sure to get it done the first time.

How To Get 2ss & 2ss V2 In Haze Piece 5

Even if you defeat him the first time, though, there is no guarantee that you will get the book — so be patient. Once you successfully beat Dual Swordsman, he drops the book. The next step is to return the book to Doctor White to unlock 2SS V2 in Haze Piece!

And there you have done it! You have successfully unlocked one of the mightiest Swords in the game. Now, you can navigate through the treacherous seas of Haze Piece!

But don't stop there. If you need another sword, why not try getting Enma? And if you don't like that blade, why not look through our Sword tier list and collect them all? We want to extend a special thank you to the YouTuber Builderboy TV for their walkthrough.