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How To Get Dual Axe In Haze Piece

Here is our guide on how to get the Dual Axe in Haze Piece.
How To Get Dual Axe In Haze Piece

Do you want to get one of the newest weapons available in Haze Piece? Of course, you do! That is why you are here, discovering the secret of getting the Dual Axe. Although it is not as famous as the Shusui, it is still a weapon worth getting.

The question automatically becomes, how do you get the Dual Axe in Haze Piece? Is there a special quest, or must you defeat a certain enemy to have it dropped like the SeaBeast Hammer? Here, we will answer that question for you!

How To Get The Dual Axe in Haze Piece Roblox

Dual Axe Haze Piece
The Dual Axe is one of the newest weapons in Haze Piece.

It is time to get the Dual Axe in Haze Piece! If you want to get yourself this powerful weapon, you will need to spend 4500 Candy in the Candy Market. The Candy Market is on Starter Island on Sea 1, so you do not have to travel too far to get this weapon.

The Dual Axe was part of the most recent Halloween event in Haze Piece. One thing that players have to be aware of is that the Dual Axe will only be around for a limited time. So act fast because you do not want to miss your shot at getting the Dual Axe!

Dual Axe Moves In Haze Piece

Dual Axe Haze Piece.
The Dual Axe has a great AOE move to take advantage of.

The Dual Axe is an interesting Weapon in Haze Piece that has two moves that you can use. The first one is called Flesh Harvest. Flesh Harvest is a move that will dash you forward and allow you to hit anything that stands in your path. Although the dash is short, the move itself is quite strong.

The Second move that the Dual Axe has is Harvest Impact. Harvest Impact hits enemies in a large circle in front of you. In Haze Piece, having some area of effect moves is essential. After all, there are plenty of enemies that are in the game, and taking them all out in one hit will help you level up faster.