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How To Get SeaBeast Hammer In Haze Piece

Do you want the SeaBeast Hammer v2 in Haze Piece? Find out how to get it in this guide!
How To Get SeaBeast Hammer In Haze Piece

Do you want one of the most powerful Swords in Haze Piece? If the answer is yes, you should consider getting yourself the SeaBeast Hammer v2. The latest update has brought brand-new features and content, with a few new weapons also appearing!

Although the SeaBeast Hammer in Haze Piece is not as famous as Shusui, it is still a Sword worth getting. But the burning question is, how can you get your hands on it? Here, we will go over those details, including the mighty SeaBeast Hammer's abilities.

How To Unlock SeaBeast Hammer v2 In Haze Piece

Haze Piece SeaBeast Hammer v2
The SeaBeast Hammer v2 is very powerful in Haze Piece.

To get the SeaBeast Hammer v2, you first need to go to Sea 2 — this relatively new location in Haze Piece requires players to be very high level to enter. Once you have made it here, the hunt for the Sword can begin.

Now that you are in Sea 2, a little luck is required. You will need to find a White SeaBeast enemy in the ocean. You will be notified when they spawn in Haze Piece, so pay close attention to your in-game notifications. This is your chance to get a Seabeast Hammer v2.

Once you find the White SeaBeast, you need to defeat it. It is level 2500 and located in the middle of the sea — so be prepared. Once you beat it, you will have a 3.5% chance of getting a SeaBeast Hammer v2 in Haze Piece. It is a rare drop but one of the best weapons in the game.

What Abilities Does SeaBeast Hammer v2 Have In Haze Piece?

SeaBeast Hammer v2 Haze Piece
Most of the abilities for the SeaBeast Hammer v2 are long-ranged.

SeaBeast Hammer v2 has a lot of water-based moves that do great damage. In Haze Piece, one of the abilities you will get for this weapon is Water Blast. You will charge for a second and then launch a long-distance water attack.

The next Seabeast Hammer v2 ability is Havoc Shockwave. This burst attack is the immediate area in front of you all at once. It is good for taking down a large number of strong Haze Piece enemies at the same time.

The final ability is called Shark Attack. This ability alone makes it worth getting the SeaBeast Hammer v2. That is because Shark Attack is a move that allows you to hit enemies from a very long range. You can hit enemies nearly on the other side of the island from you. It is one of the best long-range attacks in Haze Piece.

And that concludes our guide on how to get the SeaBeast Hammer v2 in Haze Piece!