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How To Get Phoenix Fruit In Haze Piece

Here, we will go over the secret of getting the Phoenix Fruit in Haze Piece and talk about how powerful it is.
How To Get Phoenix Fruit In Haze Piece

Do you want to be as strong as Marco in One Piece and have mythical Phoenix abilities at your disposal? Of course you do, and you can do that now! Haze Piece is a game in Roblox where you can jump into the One Piece Universe and unlock the powers of Devil Fruit.

You can be as powerful as a Dragon or have the power of Darkness on your side. Here, we will go over exactly what you need to do to find yourself the Phoenix Fruit in Haze Piece and what moves you can get with it as well.

How To Unlock The Phoenix Fruit In Haze Piece Roblox

haze piece phoenix 2 size

Now, the secret to getting the Phoenix Fruit in Haze Piece is having really good luck. The only unfortunate thing about getting this special fruit is that getting lucky is essentially required.

Players can go to a Fruit Shop in Starter Island, Sky Island, or Logue City to have the chance to get a Phoenix Fruit. This is a Legendary Fruit, so it might take a while before you will roll the fruit you are aiming for in Haze Piece.

The game has a mechanic where a new Devil Fruit will spawn on a tree at any random island at every hour. Now, the problem is that that could be any Devil Fruit, meaning there is a chance it will not be the Phoenix Fruit you are looking for. 

Phoenix Fruit Moves In Haze Piece

haze piece phoenix 3 size

Did you get lucky and get the Phoenix Fruit in Haze Piece? If so, it is time to learn what you can do! This fruit transforms you into a giant Phoenix, and you can do massive damage to the area below you.

Here is a list of Phoenix Fruit moves you can do in Haze Piece:

  • Transformation (E): Fruit Level 30
  • Flame Lotus (Z): Fruit Level 30
  • Spiral Thrust (X): Fruit Level 60
  • Healing Flame (C): Fruit Level 90
  • Slamming Impact (V): Fruit Level 120
  • Heavenly Tornado (B): Fruit Level 150

There are two major benefits of having the Phoenix Fruit in Haze Piece. The first is that as a Phoenix, you can fly around to different islands. The second is that since you are so big while transformed, you can damage a huge area around you. This is the perfect fruit for clearing out crowds of enemies!