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Roblox Kaizen Clans Tier List 2024 - What Is The Best Clan?

There are 18 Clans in Roblox Kaizen, but which is the best to join? Our tier list ranks every Clan from best to worst.
Roblox Kaizen Clans Tier List 2024 - What Is The Best Clan?

Roblox Kaizen has 18 different Clans in which you can be placed, each of which is assigned one of three rarities: Common (blue), Rare (green), or Legendary (purple). Some of these Clans are extremely useful in the game, offering buffs to damage, stamina, health points, speed, or Curses in Roblox Kaizen; on the other hand, others will provide practically no advantages in-game. As a result, knowing which Clans are the best or offer the most benefits is crucial to gaining an edge over your enemies.

What Is The Best Clan In Roblox Kaizen? - Clans Tier List

roblox kaizen best to worst clans best clans roblox kaizen
Find the Mysterious Woman NPC to join a clan in Roblox Kaizen. (Picture: Roblox)

Before we begin, it's worth noting that you'll need to find the Mysterious Woman NPC with the "Clans" title above their head to join a Clan in Roblox Kaizen. Followingly, you can use Clan Spins to be placed within a Clan; Roblox Kaizen codes will also provide you with free Clan Spins.  

In the list below, all Kaizen Clans are ranked from best to worst and are tiered as follows:

  • S-Tier: The best Clans in Roblox Kaizen.
  • A-Tier: Remarkable and can be used on any occasion.
  • B-Tier: Good but won't be much better than S- or A-tier Clans.
  • C-Tier: Not very impactful but can do substantial damage.
  • D-Tier: Don't provide any advantage; avoid at all costs.
S-Tier Clans
  • Nanami (Rare): ‘Overtime Anger’ ability +100 HP, +250 stamina, +30% Curse, melee, and weapon damage.
A-Tier Clans
  • Kamo (Legendary): ‘Red Scale’ ability, +20% damage and +40% speed.
  • Kugisaki (Legendary): +150 stamina and +200 Cursed energy.  
  • Zenin (Legendary): ‘Wrath’ ability 25% resistance to damage 
B-Tier Clans
  • Miwa (Rare): +15% damage with weapons and +10% extra speed. 
C-Tier Clans
  • Hoshi (Rare): +8% more damage with Curses and +200 extra Curse energy. 
  • Ino (Rare): +20% durability for 1.5 seconds after using a Curse.
D-Tier Clans
  • Haba (Common)
  • Ieiri (Common)
  • Sonoda (Common)
  • Sotomura (Common
  • Yoshino (Common)
  • Takashi (Common)
  • Sasaki (Common)
  • Hari (Common)
  • Akiyama (Common)
  • Rayburn (Common)
  • Eldritch (Common)

And that's all. We want to thank and credit YouTuber Phyinite for sharing all the details on the ultimate clan tier list in Roblox Kaizen. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.