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Roblox Kaizen Curses Tier List (2024) - Every Curse Ranked From Best To Worst

There are six deadly Curses in Roblox Kaizen, but which are the strongest and most powerful to use in-game? Find out with our Curse tier list.
Roblox Kaizen Curses Tier List (2024) - Every Curse Ranked From Best To Worst

Roblox Kaizen features six Curses players can use in-game: Cursed Flames, Cryofrost, Straw Doll, Disaster Plants, Idle Transfig, and Devil's Broom. Each Curse has various abilities and effects -- some are powerful; others, well... not so much. Therefore, knowing which of them is most effective will allow you to gain an edge over your opponents. This article includes a list of all Curses in Roblox Kaizen, ranked from best to worst.

Roblox Kaizen Curse Tier List - What Is The Best Ability?

The Curses in the tier list are listed under these levels, explained as follows:

  • S-Tier: The best and most powerful Curses in Roblox Kaizen.

  • A-Tier: Curses that are remarkable and very good, useful for whatever situation you face.

  • B-Tier: These Curses are good but don't hold up as much as those in the S- or A-tier.

  • C-Tier: These Curses aren't terrible but certainly lack the same impact as others on this list.
  • D-Tier: Avoid these Curses unless you have no other choice.

S-Tier Curses
roblox kaizen curse tier list cursed flames disaster fireball
Use Disaster Fireball to shoot balls of flames at your enemy from a safe distance in Roblox Kaizen.

Cursed Flames is the most effective Curse in Roblox Kaizen. When you use this Curse, you will have five moves at your disposal. First, you can shoot a Disaster Fireball at your enemy from a distance. Second, Disaster Pounce allows you to leap into the air and quickly descend on your opponent while shooting a flame burst.

The third move is Fire Tornado, an AOE ability that shoots flames in all directions. The fourth move is another AOE ability: Maximum Meteor, which allows you to summon a meteor from the sky that scatters in multiple directions upon impact. Finally, the fifth move is Iron Coffin, a domain expansion move that increases the effects of all your Curses.

A-Tier Curses
roblox kaizen best curses
Hit your enemies with a powerful Frost Calm attack in Roblox Kaizen.

Cryofrost has four Cursed moves that you can use in Roblox Kaizen. The first move is Frost Calm, which shoots spiked ice from the ground at your opponent. The second move is Frost Grenade, which shoots ice into the air and, upon impact, turns opponents into ice. The third Cursed move is Ice Skating, which allows you to fly through the air on ice. Finally, the fourth move is Winter's Wrath, an AOE attack that shoots ice spikes and encases the enemy in ice. 

B-Tier Curses
roblox kaizen curse tier list straw doll idle transfig devil's bromm cryofrost disaster plants cursed flames
Attack your enemies while locking them in place with the Straw Doll Curse in Roblox Kaizen.

Disaster Plants will allow you to use the following Cursed attacks: Gas Field, Root Pierce, Forest Vanish, Branch Caller, and Heaven's Garden. Heaven’s Garden is another domain attack move that will increase the power of your other Curses in Roblox Kaizen. 

Straw Doll has the following five Curse attacks: Pin Tag, Straw Barrage, Straw Heel, Straw Throw, and Resonance. These Curses are great to use to block enemies' attacks but can also be used to stun an enemy.

C-Tier Curses

Idle Transfig is a short-range melee attack with four Cursed moves in Roblox Kaizen: Soul Blasts, Idle Gatling, Idle Smash, and Soul Embrace. Unfortunately, these are weak attacks that aren't effective on high-level Bosses.

D-Tier Curses

Devil’s Broom has three Cursed moves: Broom Gust, Broom Tornado, and Broom Fly. If you want a quick escape from your enemy, Broom Fly is the best means of transportation. Other than that, this Curse probably isn't very useful.

Noteworthy, you can acquire Curses from Namato the Businessman at the Curse Shop in Roblox Kaizen. You can buy them with Robux or the in-game currency Yen (earned by defeating various Bandits and Bosses or completing Story Quests).

And that's all about the Tier List of Kaizan. We want to thank and credit YouTuber Yeetlol for sharing all the details on all Curse showcases in Roblox Kaizen. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.