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How To Get Bloodmoon Twin Sword In King Legacy

Find out how to get the new Bloodmoon Twin Sword in King Legacy in this guide!
How To Get Bloodmoon Twin Sword In King Legacy

Want to know how to get the new Bloodmoon Twin Sword in King Legacy? Say no more. This brand-new blade was released in Update 6.0 and boasts incredible power. However, not many players know how to unlock it. And that's where we come in.

This guide is your golden ticket to learning exactly how to unlock the Bloodmoon Twin Sword in King Legacy. Find all the steps—as well as some nifty tips and tricks—to wielding unprecedented power as you attempt to rule all the Seas.

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How To Unlock Bloodmoon Twin Sword In King Legacy

To get the King Legacy Bloodmoon Twin Sword, you need to complete a series of quests. First, speak to Yamamoto. He will tell you that the "warrior's spirit is still there." After doing this, interact with the Warrior Statue down the hallway and then return to Yamamoto for the next phase.

Once you have skipped through the dialog, go to Medium in the Dockyard. Interact with him, and he will ask you if you "want to learn the power to communicate with spirits." Select 'Yeah.' Now, equip either Hell Sword or Ethereal and ignite all ten torches before the 5-minute timer runs out.

medium npc king legacy bloodmoon twin swords

Note: You cannot begin Medium's quests without Ethereal. If you have not unlocked this blade, you can always ask a friend if you can borrow theirs. Or, you can just go and unlock it yourself before continuing with this quest.

The order you ignite the torches does not matter. However, you must ignite all of them on the map to progress the Bloodmoon Twin Sword quest in King Legacy. Now, go back to Medium and he will instruct you to find the Warrior Spirit. You can only do this while the Bloodmoon is active.

The Warrior Spirit is located in the Graveyard directly behind the Castle. Interact with him and then start killing the Gorillas that spawn. After you have defeated 100 of the Gorillas, return to the Warrior Spirit to complete the quest. From there, go to Medium for a new mission.

ghost king legacy bloodmoon twin swords

Pro Tip: If you run out of Bloodmoon time while killing the gorillas, try switching servers. Also, you can always return to Ghost NPC to track your current kill counter. That way you can be sure how close you are to completing the quest.

After speaking with Medium, he will say, "You have come to your final test" and that the "ending may be different from the last test." Now, you must reignite all the torches on the map again using either Ethereal or Hell Sword. A Samurai Soul (Lv. 7500) boss will spawn.

To complete the quest, you need to fight and defeat the boss by yourself. The only help you can get is healing from your allies. Ensure that they DO NOT deal damage to the boss while you are fighting it.

king legacy bloodmoon twin swords

And that's it! You can now return to Medium and purchase the Bloodmoon Twin Sword in King Legacy for 2.5 million Beli. Importantly, this Mythical rarity weapon is NOT tradeable—that means that the only way to obtain it is by completing this quest.

That concludes our guide on how to get the Bloodmoon Twin Sword in King Legacy. We want to extend a super special thank you to the YouTuber iizu for showcasing all the steps required to unlock this powerful new weapon. For a visual walkthrough, check out the video—and subscribe if you haven't already!