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How To Get Saber V2 In King Legacy

Want to be an indomitable force in the game? Find out how to get Saber V2 in King Legacy right here!
How To Get Saber V2 In King Legacy
Roblox via YouTube / DinoxLive

Want to know how to get Saber v2 in King Legacy? You're not alone! This powerful new weapon is said to be the strongest Sword in the game—even more so than the Night Blade v2. With that, this Legendary weapon is definitely one worth grinding for!

But how exactly can you get your hands on it?! That's the burning question! This guide will explain all the steps to unlock King Legacy's Saber v2 Sword, including an overview of its moveset. Here's everything you need to know to wield unimaginable power!

Editor's Note: I've updated this page with the correct details on how to get Saber v2 in King Legacy Update 5. I apologize in advance for the mistake, my source was also duped lol.

How To Unlock Saber V2 In King Legacy

In case it wasn't obvious, you'll need to have the Saber v1 before you can get Saber v2 in King Legacy. To get it, go to the First Sea and look for the Expert Swordsman boss in the middle of the Stone Arena, just past Rocks Island and War Island.

Note: The Saber boss spawns every 2 hrs and despawns after 30 min, so you MUST beat him during that timeframe.

If you are successful and dealt between 40k-50k damage to the Expert Swordsman, you'll have a 25% chance of receiving the Saber Sword in King Legacy. That being said, there is no guarantee you will get it on your first try—so you'll need to battle the boss a few times.

how to get saber v2 king legacy

In addition to getting the Saber, you will also get 2.5 million EXP and 2.5 million Beli as a reward for your efforts. Now, with the weapon in your possession, you can continue to try and get Saber v2 in King Legacy.

To proceed, you will need to have at least 2 million bounty, which you can get by farming the bosses in the different Seas. Afterward, return to the Third Sea and speak to the Unearthly Guardian NPC, situated behind the castle. He will give you a quest to defeat the Lord of the Saber.

You can find the Lord of Saber (Level 8,500) inside the castle in the Third Sea. However, he is hidden behind a secret door located directly opposite the garden area (by the big tree). You must break open the door to gain access (use the T-Rex M1 attack).

After opening the door, you'll stumble upon an arena, which is where the Lord of Saber resides. After defeating him, return to the Unearthly Guardian. He will ask you to gather 5 Aqua Gems and 1 Kraken's Cache. With the crafting materials in hand, go back to the NPC and upgrade your Saber to Saber v2 in King Legacy.

Note: The Lord of the Saber spawns every few hours. You'll know when he has arrived if the server message reads, "The Sword Lord has visited the Unearthly..."

What Is The Saber v2 Moveset In  King Legacy?

Saber v2 has two powerful moves in King Legacy Update 5. You can learn more about them below:

  • Havoc Cleave (Z): This ability will allow you to channel and cause your character to unleash a flurry of powerful red attacks in a horizontal line. The final attack will explode, dealing damage in an AoE.
  • Grasp Ruination (X): This move will cause you to draw power from the sky, which you can launch at an opponent. Once launched, the attack will travel a long distance in a straight line, damaging any enemies in its path.

And that's all! As you'll quickly realize, Saber v2 in King Legacy is insanely strong, dealing great damage to enemies. Was my description of these moves not good enough? No problem. Watch this Saber v2 showcase video to see exactly what you can expect!