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All Chest Locations In The Deep Backrooms Of Pet Simulator 99

Need help finding all the chest locations in the Deep Backrooms of Pet Simulator 99? Here's what you need to know.
All Chest Locations In The Deep Backrooms Of Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Want to know how to find all chest locations in the Deep Backrooms event of Pet Simulator 99? You're not alone! These chests offer a ton of random drop rewards, including potions, enchants, flags, and more valuable loot. But the question many players want to know is where to find them. And the answer couldn't be simpler!

Where To Find Chests In Deep Backrooms Of Pet Simulator 99

You can find chests hidden in the corridors of the Deep Backrooms event in Pet Simulator 99. They will spawn randomly as you explore the rooms. To claim them, just walk up to a chest and press "E." The loot is different every time but seems to give better items as you venture deeper underground.

It's worth noting that you can also stumble upon a Boss Chest in the Deep Backrooms Event. There's no set location, and you just have to wander around until you find it. Just remember to trace your footsteps to ensure you're not running around in circles—or accidentally get lost!

pet sim 99 deep backrooms event chests

Remember, the Deep Backrooms event rooms are procedurally generated, which means they are unique for every player. Every turn you take will spawn a random room or another corridor leading you deeper underground. This means there are practically unlimited chest locations in Pet Simulator 99.

And that's a wrap! There's nothing more to it—so get out there and start exploring. If you need help finding a Deep Backrooms Key, please refer to my dedicated guide that explains how to get it. You can also check out my Secret Boss Fight page to learn more about that, too!