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How To Set Keybinds In Pet Simulator 99

Find out how to set keybinds for your favorite items in Pet Simulator 99 right here.
How To Set Keybinds In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Want to know how to bind keys to items in Pet Simulator 99? You're in the right spot. Update 19 introduced a bunch of cool quality-of-life changes to help make your adventures a little less frustrating. In fact, the latest improvements are the best thing since sliced bread!

These changes include a brand-new player profile in the Trading Plaza to track your stats, the ability to manage charms with less headache, and—more importantly—the option to assign items to keys on your keyboard. Having said that, here's everything you need to know about keybinds in Pet Simulator 99.

How To Bind Items In Pet Simulator 99

Keybinds can make your life a lot easier by allowing you to quickly (and effortlessly) activate items with the press of a button. Essentially, they let you assign your favorite items to keys. This makes them extremely useful, especially if you're in the heat of a raid or need a boost in a pinch.

To set a keybind in Pet Simulator 99, follow these easy steps:

  • Open the Pets menu.
  • Go to the "Settings" submenu (i.e., the gear icon).
  • Look for "Keybinds" and press on the "Edit" button.
  • Press the "Add Bind" button.
  • Browse your inventory and select the item you want to bind.
  • Press the "Confirm" button.
  • Select the "Unbound" button and press the key or key combination to bind to the item (e.g. K or Alt+K)
  • Confirm the keybind by pressing the "Save" button.

Still stuck? No problem. Have a look at the sequence of images in the carousel below for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to set keybinds in Pet Simulator 99.

And that's how to set a keybind in Pet Simulator 99. For more help in the game, check out the linked guides!

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