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Best Way To Get Magic Shards Fast In Pet Simulator 99

Need help getting more Fuel for the Magic Machine in Pet Simulator 99? Here's the fastest way to get more Magic Shards!
Best Way To Get Magic Shards Fast In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Are you looking for a faster way to get Fuel for the Magic Machine in Pet Simulator 99? No shocker there! You can find Fuel at the Advanced Digsite or Fishing minigame, but there's just one problem—it seems like it's nearly impossible to find these Magic Shards!

So, what is the secret? Well, as it turns out, it's all got to do with the kind of Fishing Rod you have (and a healthy heap of good old-fashioned luck). In this guide, we'll explain all the secrets of how to get Magic Shards fast in Pet Simulator 99. Let's get started.

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How To Get Fuel For Magic Machine In Pet Simulator 99: Magic Shards

For those who might not be aware, the Magic Machine is located in Area 77 (Haunted Mansion). Here, you'll be able to exchange Fuel (or Magic Shards) for special items like Charm Stones (requires 5 Shards), Huge Potion (requires 16 Shards), or Magic Orb (requires 50 Shards).

fuel magic machine pet sim 99

So, how do you get Magic Shards quickly in Pet Simulator 99? Well—the first step is to head to the Advanced Fishing minigame in Area 92 (Cloud Forest). Then, use your coins from the basic Fishing minigame to purchase a better rod:

  • Platinum Fishing Rod - costs 40k coins
  • Emerald Fishing Rod - costs 150k coins
  • Sapphire Fishing Rod - costs 425k coins
  • Amethyst Fishing Rod - costs 2.25m coins

The Golden Fishing Rod is (unfortunately) not good for finding rare items like Magic Shards in the Fishing minigame —however, you can use it to rack up coins quickly. I suggest getting one via the Trading Plaza. Right now, the RAP is about 200k gems (if you need more diamonds, check out my other guide).

fishing merchant advanced fishing pet sim 99

Note: It is also possible to find Magic Shards in the Advanced Digsite, but the Advanced Fishing game is the best way to get more Fuel in Pet Simulator 99 because you can easily set a macro (more on that later).

Assuming you have a decent Fishing Rod, all you need to do is be patient and fish. Fortunately, the process has been reworked to be a lot easier. It now just requires you to cast your line into the water. Then, when you see the ripples in the water, click on the water and begin tapping very quickly until the bar turns green.

There's no knowing what you'll get as a reward. However, with time, you will eventually get Magic Shards that you can use as Fuel at the Machine Machine in Pet Simulator 99. Lower-tier rods have lower chances of finding Fuel, so it's in your best interest to upgrade them whenever you can.

Pay especially close attention to areas in the water that sparkle, as these spots might offer a higher chance of getting better loot, including Magic Shards. I cast my rod in this area, and it gave me 40k coins. So, keep fishing constantly for the best chance of finding Magic Fuel.

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Pro Tip: You can also AFK farm for Magic Shards in Pet Simulator 99's Advanced Fishing minigame using a macro like TinyTask. All you have to do is record the actions you would normally use to fish and then set it to loop a certain number of times. If you do this, say, while you sleep, you should wake up with a ton of Magic Fuel!

And that's all! Now you know the best method to get Fuel for the Magic Machine in Pet Simulator 99, putting you on the fast track to those snazzy rewards. Think this guide could use a little more work? Drop me a message on X @itsactuallychad or [email protected] with your suggestions!