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How To Get Rainbow Fruit In Pet Simulator 99

Looking for the Rainbow Fruit Machine location in Pet Simulator 99? Say no more, bro.
How To Get Rainbow Fruit In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Want to get more Rainbow Fruit in Pet Simulator 99? You're in the right spot! PS99 leakers have revealed that a new feature is set to grace the realm of digital companions—the Rainbow Fruit Machine! But what is it exactly? That's what we're here to answer!

In case it wasn't obvious, this is a new kind of vending machine that lets you create Rainbow Fruit! This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Rainbow Fruit Machine in Pet Simulator 99, including its location in the game.

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Where Is The Rainbow Fruit Machine Location In Pet Simulator 99?

You can find the new Rainbow Fruit Machine in one of the new Pet Simulator 99 biomes: Bamboo Forest. This new feature was added during the Dec. 9 Pet Simulator 99 update, but we knew about it early thanks to the dataminer, liptonus.

What Does The Rainbow Fruit Machine Do In Pet Simulator 99?

This new vending machine will allow you to combine any twenty fruits and make a new Rainbow Fruit in Pet Simulator 99. And that's pretty cool—this fruit combines the effects of all the other fruits, making it quite useful for grinding levels or diamonds!

Speaking of which, here's a quick breakdown of the other fruits in Pet Simulator 99:

  • Nana: This is a rare fruit that provides a +5% coin boost.
  • Apple: Another rare fruit, the Apple offers a +1.5% damage boost.
  • Orange: Also rare, the Orange gives a +1% diamond boost.
  • Pineapple: This rare fruit increases the chance for drops by 1%.
  • Rainbow Fruit: A legendary item, the Rainbow Fruit combines the effects of all fruit.

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