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Pet Simulator 99 Virus Event Explained

Argh!? Hacker World is under attack! Here's everything to know about the Virus Event in Pet Simulator 99.
Pet Simulator 99 Virus Event Explained
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Want to know how to play the Virus Event in Pet Simulator 99? You're in the right spot! Hacker World is under alien attack—and it's up to you to defend it against the UFOs! Best of all, this limited-time event offers you a chance to nab new HUGE pets, including the HUGE Virus Griffin.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Virus Event in Pet Simulator 99. It's worth noting that the Virus Event is also a great way to get more Hacker Keys, which you can use to redeem a ton of rare rewards at the Hacker Chest.

How To Play Virus Event In Pet Simulator 99

The new Virus Event is exclusive to Hacker World in Pet Simulator 99. This means you'll need to have the eligible biomes unlocked if you want to participate (it requires that you unlock Area 199 and Rebirth 8). Once the event has begun, you'll need to defend against UFOs. But where must you start?

To access the Virus Event, you must go to Area 210 (Hacker Matrix) and enter through one of the Virus Portals. Once you're there, your job is simple: break the Virus Chest and the Orbs that protect it. Just be sure to equip your strongest pets and enchant build to maximize your damage!

After the Virus Chest is destroyed, it will reveal a Virus Egg for 10 minutes. You can then spend your Void coins/bars to hatch three new pets: Matrix Monkey, Virus Griffin, and HUGE Virus Griffin. The Virus Egg will have an increased HUGE Pet hatchchance, up to 100x odds chance!

Every time the Virus Egg spawns, there is a small chance you will get a 100x HUGE Chance Egg. There's nothing you can do to force a higher hatch chance besides coming back every 10 minutes and fighting another Virus Chest during the Virus Event in Pet Simulator 99.

Pro Tip: There are multiple Virus Portals spawning in Hacker World during the Virus Event. Be sure to explore all of them to find the 100x HUGE chance Egg in Pet Simulator 99.

And that's pretty much all you have to know about the Virus Event in Pet Simulator 99. It's a pretty straightforward micro update. I suggest that you stock up on a ton of Void currency so you can auto-hatch your pets when the Virus Egg spawns.