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How To Get Huge Pets In Pet Simulator 99

Want to get your first Huge in Pet Simulator 99? Yeah—you and me both, buddy!
How To Get Huge Pets In Pet Simulator 99
BIG Games / Pet Simulator 99

Looking to add a Huge to your pet collection in Pet Simulator 99? You're not alone! While you'll need insane luck to hatch one from an egg or cough up a ton of Robux to get one from an Exclusive Egg, there is a better method to get your first Huge Pet in the game.

Interested to know what that method is? No problem! This guide is your golden ticket to nabbing a Huge Pet in Pet Simulator 99, whether you're a new player or veteran collector looking to expand your library of digital companions. Let's get started!

Editor's Note: BIG Games might nerf some of the tips we discuss in this guide in future Pet Simulator 99 updates. If you feel this page is outdated or needs work, please drop me an email at [email protected] with your suggestions for improvement.

What Is The Best Method To Get A Huge Pet In Pet Simulator 99?

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the best way to get a Huge Pet in Pet Simulator 99 is by buying one from the Trading Plaza (requires Rebirth 1). The most affordable Huge you can find there sells for roughly 5 million gems (the Huge Hell Rock).

And yes, I get it—this is a lot of diamonds in Pet Simulator 99 (especially for new or inexperienced players to afford). But it's not impossible to achieve in a relatively short period of time. Next, we'll discuss a few quick ways to earn your Huge in Pet Simulator 99.

How Can I Get A Huge Pet Fast In Pet Simulator 99?

pet sim 99 egg hatching

Complete Egg Opening Quests

The fastest way to get more gems so you can buy a Huge is by doing the Egg Opening quests and selling the rewards—for instance, the Lucky Eggs Potion V (earned for opening 90,000 Egg) will net you ~200k gems, while the Shiny Hunter enchant can sell for ~800k gems.

Obviously, opening Eggs will take time, so you'll want to reach the max rank in Pet Simulator 99. Then, use the Auto Hatch or an auto-clicker to open the Level 1 Egg for cheap to complete and redeem the Egg Opening quest rewards.

You can follow the same steps to complete the Egg Opening quests on an Alt account to double your earnings. And while you're at it, try to buy as many Egg Opening slots as possible to speed up the hatching process!

Pro Tip: Remember that you have a higher chance to hatch a Huge Pet during the Huge Party event in Pet Simulator 99. Take note of the Egg number for up to 12x greater odds of getting a Huge.

huge pets pet sim 99

Complete Flag Quests

Another way to get more gems to buy your first Huge Pet in Pet Simulator 99 is to complete the Flags quest—this challenge will earn you 25 Exotic Treasure Flags worth about 8 million gems. Using a Hoverboard, you can place flags quickly and complete the quest in about 4-6 hours.

Other Methods

Planting diamond seeds and enrolling some of your best pets in the Daycare can also yield a significant number of gems. Likewise, trading pets and items in the Trading Plaza can be a highly profitable and effective way to boost your gem wallet to eventually purchase a Huge in Pet Simulator 99.

And that's all the tips we have for you. As you can see, getting a Huge in Pet Simulator 99 is not easy and takes time—but if you're smart and efficient, you can speedrun the process.