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What Are Evolved Huge Pets In Pet Simulator X?

Are you wondering an Evolved Huge is in Pet Simulator X? Here is everything to know about them!
What Are Evolved Huge Pets In Pet Simulator X?

Are you looking to convert your Huge Pets into a more powerful Evolved Huge in Pet Simulator X? Well, the good news is that it is now a possibility! The Cinco de Mayo event on 29 April 2023 introduced a new pet evolution type called "Evolved," which you can make in the new Evolve Machine in Pet Simulator X. If you're feeling lost, don't worry. This guide will detail everything about Evolved Huge Pets and how to get this new evolution form in Pet Simulator X. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading!

How To Get Evolved Huge Pets In Pet Simulator X

According to the 29 April 2023 Pet Simulator X patch notes, players can make evolutions for the most common Huge Pets at the brand-new Evolve Machine. This machine is located in Spawn, right next to the Huge-a-Tron, and accepts five Huges: Huge Hell Rock, Cupcake, Hacked Cat, Pixel Cat, Pterodactyl, Peacock, and King Cobra (more to be added in the future). After supplying your Huge Pets for conversion, you'll receive an Evolved Huge Pet with an Evolved Enchant in Pet Simulator X.


Here's a list of Evolved Huge Pets you can get at the Evolve Machine at the time of writing:

  • Huge Evolved Hell Rock (40% chance)
  • Huge Evolved Cupcake 
  • Huge Evolved Hacked Cat (20% chance)
  • Huge Evolved Pixel Cat
  • Huge Evolved Pterodactyl
  • Huge Evolved Peacock (20% chance)
  • Huge Evolved King Cobra

Note: The above list of pets are likely to change with future updates. In this case, do not accept the list of Evolved Huge Pets as final.

You can mix and match Huges, with the output varying based on the percentage you put in. There's also a 2% chance to get a Rainbow or Shiny version! But that's not all. Every pet created out of the Evolve Machine will have an Evolve Enchant, making the pet significantly stronger than your best pet. Of course, it's pretty obvious that any pets sacrificed to the Evolve Machine will be lost forever.


And that's everything you need to know about the new Evolved Pets rarity and how to evolve Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X! It seems this new feature will be well worth it for the increased power and prestige that comes with possessing an Evolved Huge pet in the game. If you're looking for more awesome how-to's for Pet Simulator X, check out our guides on the Scavenger Egg Hunt and Traveling Merchant location. Happy pet hunting!