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Pet Simulator X Update (3 June 2023): Patch Notes

Discover all the new content and features in the Pet Simulator X new update right here!
Pet Simulator X Update (3 June 2023): Patch Notes

Are you looking for the new Pet Simulator X update? Well, your search ends here. The latest update has exciting content and feature additions that will keep you busy for hours, including another Scavenger Egg Hunt, where players can compete to find rare eggs and earn unique rewards.

Additionally, several new Huge Pets are added to the game, which are sure to become fan favorites. With so much new content to explore and enjoy, there's never been a better time to dive back into Roblox. So get ready to hatch new pets in the new Pet Simulator X update on 3 June 2023.

Updated on 3 June 2023: The next Pet Simulator X update will release on 10 June 2023 at 4 p.m. GMT. When it does, we'll update this page with the latest news and updates in the game. In the meantime, you'll find some leaks below to get you excited.

Pet Simulator X New Update: Countdown Timer

BIG Games releases a Pet Simulator X update every second Saturday at 4 pm GMT. That means that the next patch will come out on 10 June 2023. If you're not sure how long you need to wait, you can refer to the countdown timer below.

The next Pet Simulator X update releases in...
7 days, 09:47:49

Latest Pet Simulator X Update Patch Notes

Here's everything you need to know about the latest update to Pet Simulator X on 27 May 2023:

Dog World Update

  • Introducing the Dog World with four new areas: Dog Park, Dog City, Dog Firehouse, and Dog Mansion.
  • Access the Dog World through Limbo if you have Kawaii World unlocked.

Dog Pets

  • 17 new dog pets have been added, including 2 new HUGE pets: Huge Firefighter Dalmatian and Huge Basketball Retriever.

Dog Eggs

  • Discover 3 new eggs with their golden variants.
  • The final Dog Egg has a chance to hatch the Huge Firefighter Dalmatian, while in hardcore mode it can hatch the Huge Basketball Retriever.

Giant Dog Chest

  • Unlock the Dog Mansion to break the Giant Dog Chest and earn lots of Cartoon Currency.

Hot Dooooog

  • Hatch the Hot Dooooog, a rare pet with a hatch chance comparable to the banana, available in any egg in the Dog World.

Hardcore Only Huge

  • Hardcore mode players can now hatch the Huge Basketball Retriever exclusively in the Dog Egg.

Nightmare Exclusive Pets

  • Introducing spooky NIGHTMARE pets, including the Titanic Nightmare Cat, Huge Nightmare Kraken, and Huge Nightmare Spirit.

Big Changes

  • Added a claim all button in the Dark Matter machine.
  • Auto player teleport to the booth after using the search terminal.
  • Auction exclusive pets.
  • Improved visibility of non-indexed pets on the egg billboard popup.
  • Buffed VIP diamond reward and nerfed auction fee and quest shop prices.

Other Changes

  • Season 2 DLC and new quests for Dog World.
  • Buffed diamond drops and quest shop diamond amounts.
  • Adjustments to hardcore hoverboard cost, diamond mine breakable health, and more.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Terminal Changes

  • Enhanced search functionality with eggs and gifts.
  • Hovering to view more details on the monitors.
  • Booth sales displayed on the live sales board.
  • Loading screen added, sorting changes, and bug fixes.

Previous Pet Simulator X Update Patch Notes

Here are all the changes in the previous update to Pet Simulator X:

Pet Simulator X Jelly Update (13 May 2023)

Lucky Block World and Pets:

  • There's a new Lucky Block World, where players can break lucky blocks and hatch new pets. CHROMA technology introduces random color variations in pets. There are also two new Chroma Huge pets with 6 colors each, along with three new Lucki pets.

Lucky Block Egg and Goal:

  • Discover the Lucky Block Eggs in the Lucky Block World, which contain limited-time pets, including Huge and Chroma pets. Players can aim to reach the Lucky Block Goal by breaking lucky blocks to increase their chances of obtaining the Lucky Block Egg.

Lucky Block Upgrades and Currency:

  • Use the Lucky Block Upgrade Machine to enhance luck in the Lucky World.
  • Earn Lucky Coins by breaking Lucky Blocks, and find the Giant Rainbow Lucky Block for even more coins.

Trading Plaza Terminal:

  • Locate desired pets for purchase using the Trading Plaza Terminal and teleport to the Trading Plaza where they are listed.

New Hype Gift:

  • Say hello to the Huge Penguin, Party Squirrel, Party Shark, and Party Penguin as part of the latest Hype Gift.

2x Luck & Coin Event:

  • From the 20th to the 27th of May, there will be a special week with double luck and coin rewards.


  • BIG Games are switching from weekly to bi-weekly updates to provide more refined and impactful content.
  • The Cinco de Mayo event has been removed.
  • Additional minor additions and fixes.
Pet Simulator X Jelly Update (6 May 2023)

Fiesta Maze

  • A new event activity, the Fiesta Maze, has been added with chests to break and Fiesta Eggs at the end.
  • The Giant Piñata still spawns every 4 hours starting at 2 PM CDT.
  • Limited-time events happen every 2 hours.

New Pets

  • The Sombrero Axolotl, Sombrero Corgi, and Piñata Monkey have been added as new pets.

New Huge

Fiesta Eggs

  • The Fiesta Egg contains 3 new pets and 1 new HUGE, including the Sombrero Axolotl, Sombrero Corgi, Piñata Monkey, and HUGE Sombrero Chihuahua.

Huge Maskot Pet

  • Join the BIG Games Pet group for a 1% chance to get the Huge Maskot pet.

Jelly Exclusive Pets


  • Piñata Huge changes have been increased by double to 50x from 25x.
  • Drag-to-select has been added to the Fuse Machine.
  • All players now have the maximum player speed upgrade.
  • Shop teleport is now unlocked for free in the Spawn world.
  • Starter world coins have been boosted by 50% and more starter pets are given out as you play.
  • Other fixes include added search for hardcore pets, fixed bank drag-to-select error, fixed event countdown remaining after the event is over, and changed outline color on the auction bar.
Pet Simulator X Pinata Update (29 April 2023)

Cool Pets

New Scavenger Pet

Evolve Machine & Evolved Huges

The new Evolve Machine allows players to create evolutions called Evolved Huges for common Huge pets by supplying five eligible HUGE pets (Huge Hell Rock, Cupcake, Hacked Cat, Pixel Cat, Pterodactyl, Peacock, and King Cobra). Mixing and matching huges affects the output percentage. Located at Spawn next to the Huge-a-Tron Machine. Oh, there's also a new Evolve Enchant, which makes the pet significantly stronger than your best pet.

Piñata Event

There's a new limited-time event with piñatas spawning in every area, containing various rewards. A Giant Piñata spawns every 4 hours in the Town area, offering better chances for the HUGE Piñata Cat. These are some of the other pets: Pinata Cat, Pinata Dog, Sombrero Cat, and Sombrero Chihuahua (all hatched from the Pinata Egg)

Other Changes

  • New Fruit Mastery. Level up this Mastery by breaking Fruit that spawns in any area.
  • Event pets can now be used in the Huge-a-Tron Machine to create Huge-a-Tron Event Eggs. The best part? It's free! This egg has the HUGE Cool Cat pet along with 3 exclusive pets.
  • Improved Trade Security: Additional security measures have been implemented, including a 5-second countdown, flashing indicator, and second confirmation screen for trade modifications, to prevent scams.
  • More Mailbox Settings: The mailbox menu has been reworked with a scroll bar and additional reject pet rarity options.
  • Welcome Back Pet: Players who haven't played for 2 weeks or more will receive a pet gift as a welcome back gesture.
  • Lag Optimization: Various improvements have been made to reduce lag, including optimizing Hardcore Mode, instant spawning of coins, better memory management for unused worlds, and fixes for UI and localization issues.

And that's everything in the latest Pet Simulator X Update. For more information, please refer to the official blog post on the BIG Games website.