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How To Get Huge Pets In Pet Simulator X

Learn all the ways how to get the rarest and most expensive pets in Pet Simulator X: Huge Pets.
How To Get Huge Pets In Pet Simulator X

Do you dream of having the rarest and most valuable pets in Pet Simulator X? You're not alone! In this guide, we'll explore how to get one of the most coveted types of pets in the game: Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X. These pets have an Exclusive rarity and cannot be found in the Exclusive Shop. So naturally, many players want to know how to get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X.

Their unique designs and high trade values make these creatures the ultimate status symbol for any serious collector. So, if you're wondering how to get your hands on one of these elusive creatures, you've come to the right place. Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know to add Huge Pets to your pet collection.

What Are Huge Pets In Pet Simulator X?

As mentioned, Huge Pets are highly valuable pets in Pet Simulator X. Specifically, they are an Exclusive rarity, making them among the most highly sought-after and expensive pets to acquire in the game. That said, Huge Pets cannot be bought from the Exclusive Shop. Instead, players must make them by converting multiple Exclusive pets at the Huge-o-Tron in Pet Simulator X. You will need at least 10 million gems to unlock this machine in the game.


In addition, you'll need to have up to 100 points worth of Exclusive pets to make a Huge Pet. It's possible to have fewer points, but you will need to cough up Robux as a substitute. The higher the point value, the more expensive it is to convert the pets. So you should always check the point values of your pets before converting them. It's important to note that free exclusive pets, such as those obtained through gift bags, cannot be used in the machine. You can use this table to understand the requirements for making a Huge Pet in Pet Simulator X.

Points Required Robux Required
100 Points 0 Robux
75 Points 300 Robux
50 Points 800 Robux

How To Get Huge Pets In Pet Simulator X


There are several ways to get a Huge Pet in Pet Simulator X. You can learn more about each of these methods in the section below.

  1. Hatching: You can obtain a Huge Pet by hatching it from a Huge Machine Egg, which you'll receive after converting Exclusive eggs at the Huge-o-Tron. These eggs are much more expensive than regular eggs but have a higher chance of hatching a Huge Pet.

  2. Trading: You can trade other pets, items, or gems with other players in exchange for a Huge Pet in Pet Simulator X. Remember that Huge Pets are the rarest and most expensive pets in the game, so trading for one will likely require a substantial amount of resources.

  3. Events: Pet Simulator X occasionally holds special events that reward players with Huge Pets. For example, players could get a free Huge Chef Cat by serving 100,000 customers in My Restaurant for a limited time. These events can vary and may require players to complete certain objectives or challenges to earn the reward.

  4. Giveaways: Some content creators and community members may hold giveaways for Huge Pets on social media platforms or in-game. These are few and far between, though.

And that's everything you need to know about how to get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X. We hope this guide has been helpful to you and extend a big thanks to YouTuber LTkrazy for providing the valuable information and tips featured here. Good luck on your journey to collecting the ultimate pets!