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How To Get Unlimited Yeet Orbs In Pet Simulator X

Learn how to get an infinite amount of Yeet Orbs in Pet Simulator X using these two game-breaking methods!
How To Get Unlimited Yeet Orbs In Pet Simulator X
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Want to get unlimited Yeet Orbs in Pet Simulator X? If so, then continue reading as we detail all the steps to unlock the secrets to amassing an infinite number of these power-ups in the much-loved Roblox pet collector game.

In case you didn't know, Yeet Orbs were added to the game after the 22 July 2023 update and serve as keys to supercharging your pets, giving you an edge to top the Yeet Leaderboard Contest. That said, don't miss your chance to get as many Yeet Orbs in Pet Simulator X as possible with this hack!

Pet Simulator X Infinite Yeet Orb Hack Explained

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In this guide, we'll explain two methods to get a ton of Yeet Orbs in the game. In both cases, you need to go to Yeet World. If you don't know how to get there, read our dedicated guide.

Assuming you're in Yeet World, stand on the edge of the platform and Yeet your strongest pet. Similarly to the Yeet a Friend event, the pet should glitch out and start racking up a ton of Yeet Orbs and Coins.

If it gets stuck, you'll need to wait for the round timer to expire to claim the Yeet Coins. Otherwise, you can teleport back to Yeet World if you only want to claim the Yeet Orbs. There is a chance that this glitch will be fixed by the time you read this. If not, you should exploit while you still can.

Pet Simulator X: How To Get More Yeet Orbs

In case this bug is patched by Preston, we've proposed another (legit) method to get a ton of Yeet Orbs in Pet Simulator X. In short, all you need to do is go to the Upgrade Station and level up the "Yeet Orbs Reach" option to improve the radius of the Orb magnetic ability.

Doing this allows you to attract more orbs, which you can then use to buy more power-ups. You can also use an auto clicker or another automation tool and set your character to remain stationary in an orb-rich area. Over time, you'll notice an increase in your orbs count into the thousands, all done passively.


For the sake of prosperity, each orb in the game world gives a different amount of Yeet Orbs. The pink ones give four; the orange ones provide one; the green ones award three; and the blue ones offer two. Regardless of the value, it's crucial to gather all types of orbs, but focusing on pink ones, given their higher value, could yield faster results.

If you are farming Yeet Orbs in Pet Simulator, we suggest that you speed up the process by equipping your fastest hoverboard (go to our guide on how to get the Cat Hoverboard or Surfboard Hoverboard). This enables quicker movements around the game world, thus enhancing your orb-collecting efficiency.

And that's everything you need to know about obtaining practically unlimited Yeet Orbs in Pet Simulator X. We want to extend a special thank you to YouTubers Noobblox and Nay_Kows for these methods.