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How To Get Cat Hoverboard In Pet Simulator X Roblox

This guide details the best way to quickly get the Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X in Roblox.
How To Get Cat Hoverboard In Pet Simulator X Roblox
Pet Simulator X is one of countless unique Roblox games. Its core premise involves players catching and hatching pets from Eggs. There are over 950 pets to collect, ranging from domestic animals like cats and dogs to out-of-this-world creatures like ferocious dragons.

While there is a slew of adorable pixelated pets to unlock, many players wonder how to get the highly sought-after Cat Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X. Look no further if you're in the market for this item. This guide details how to easily and quickly achieve Mastery Level and unlock the Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X.

Roblox Pet Simulator X - How to get Cat Hoverboard

pet sim x cat hoverboard how to get roblox
You can easily get the Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X with a few easy steps. (Picture: YouTube / KreekCraft)

You will need to reach Mastery Level (Lvl 99) in all 15 categories in the Mastery tab before you can get the Cat Hoverboard; as a result, getting the item will be a grind. Fortunately, there are a few ways to “cheese” it easily. In this regard, it might be best to download an auto-clicker, making getting the Cat Hoverboard less time-consuming.

Firstly, for Egg Mastery, you can pick the cheapest egg within the Starter Zone and use your auto-clicker to hatch eggs continuously. Then, you can repeat the same step for the Golden Eggs Mastery. 

In the next step, navigate to the Glacier Biome. Once there, make your way to the horizontal line in the Biome, ensuring you are perfectly centered on the line facing the Glacier (as illustrated below).

how to get pet simulator x cat hoverboard roblox
Center yourself on the horizontal line facing the Glacier in Frozen Lake. (Picture: YouTube / KreekCraft) 

In your Settings menu, check that "Pet Sending" is set to Singles. Then zoom in to ensure your mouse is located at the base of the Glacier. Once your pointer is positioned correctly, enable the auto-clicker to send out your Pets. You will need something solid to place down on your Right Arrow key; this will spin your character around and hit all corners of the area.

Doing this will level up your Coin Piles Mastery, Vaults & Safes Mastery, Diamonds Piles Mastery, Presents Mastery, Chests Mastery, Crates Mastery, and Lootbags Mastery.

cat hoverboard pet sim x roblox
By sending out your Pets, you can hit each item in the Biome and level up quicker. (Picture: YouTube / KreekCraft)

Note that you might have to level some Mastery categories manually. For example, in the Converting Mastery, after you’ve made your way to the converting machine, you'll need to convert all your cheap pets and repeat doing this until you’ve reached max EXP. You can also repeat this process for Dark Matter Mastery and Fusing Mastery.

The Enchanting Mastery can also be completed using the auto-clicker. All you need do is travel to the Enchanted Forest, select a pet to enchant, and follow the prompts. Then, position the mouse using the auto-clicker, and you're a-for-a-way.

roblox get pet simulator cat hoverboard
Position your mouse with the ability to use your auto-clicker effectively. (Picture: YouTube / KreekCraft)

Boost Mastery and Free Gifts Mastery can only be leveled up manually. The quickest way to level Boost Mastery is with Robux; this can be set to run while you level up your other Mastery categories.

If you don't have Robux, you could get some Rank Rewards or attain Boosts throughout the game. As for Free Gifts Mastery, these are time sensitive, so you’ll have to wait until the Gifts stack to Redeem them.

We want to thank YouTubers KreekCraft for their tutorial on how to get the Cat Hoverboard in Roblox's Pet Simulator X. Please consider subscribing to their channel and checking out the video embedded above for more epic content.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / KreekCraft and Roblox.