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How To Get All Fist Styles In Pilgrammed

Learn how to get every Fist style in Roblox Pilgrammed: Kod Kondo, Rockwondo, and Kai.
How To Get All Fist Styles In Pilgrammed

Are you looking to unlock every Fist style in Roblox Pilgrammed? Look no further; we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you obtain all the available Fist styles in the game. In Pilgrammed, players can learn three unique fighting styles by battling various NPCs, each with their own set of moves and accessories: Kod Kondo, Rockwando, and Kai.

The Kod Kondo style is known for its unique jumping move, Rockwando is a basic but effective fighting style, and the Kai Fist style is inspired by Street Fighter's Ryu and is considered the most viable of the three. Each fighting style is important in its own right and can greatly impact your performance in combat. So, if you want to become a Pilgrammed master, here's how to get all the Fist styles in the game.

Roblox Pilgrammed: How To Unlock Every Fist Style

how to get all fist styles pilgrammed
There are three Fist styles that you can unlock in Pilgrammed. (Picture: Roblox via YouTube / LordSendo)

To get the Kod Kondo Fist style in Pilgrammed, you'll need to travel to the Forest area in the game. Once there, look for the Hobo NPC. You'll find them in one of two locations: near a tree by the beach or at a specific spot in the forest. After interacting with the NPC, you'll need to battle and defeat them, which can be challenging due to their heavy parry-focused moveset. Once defeated, speak to the Hobo NPC again to learn the Kod Kondo Fist style in Pilgrammed.

The next Fist style you can get in Pilgrammed is Rockwando. To get this style, head to the Tundra area of the game and look for the Duke of Rocks NPC. You'll need to follow the NPC and complete the quest by navigating to the top of the Snow Highlands mountain and defeating the weaker NPCs in the area. After completing the quest, speak to the Duke of Rocks again to learn the Rockwando Fist style in Pilgrammed. The Roquando accessories are focused on increasing the damage of the last hit and may be useful for some players.

all fist styles pilgrammed roblox
You must battle each of the NPC masters before you can unlock all the Fist styles. (Picture: Roblox via YouTube / LordSendo)

Finally, to get the Kai Fist style in Pilgrammed, you must travel to the Pirate Bay area. Look for a cliffside, and you'll find the Kai Guy NPC near the cliff's opening. Next, challenge the NPC to a fight and beat them, but watch out for their fireballs and other fire-focused abilities. Then, after defeating the NPC, speak to them to learn the Kai Fist style. Note that Kai Guy does not offer any accessories for sale, but you can obtain armor by defeating them again.

And that concludes our guide on how to unlock all the Fist styles in Roblox Pilgrammed. With the knowledge and techniques provided in this guide, you'll be able to master all of the unique fighting styles available in the game. We want to thank YouTuber LordSendo for their helpful tips on getting all the Fist styles in Roblox Pilgrammed. Be sure to check out their channel for more gaming content and guides.