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How To Get the Hogyoku in Roblox Project Mugetsu

Unlock your true Hollow or Shinigami potential as we show you how to get the Hogyoku in Roblox's Project Mugetsu.
How To Get the Hogyoku in Roblox Project Mugetsu

In Project Mugetsu, amidst a plethora of potent items crucial for survival, some stand out as superior, and the Hogyoku, echoing its significance in the Anime Bleach, is undeniably one of them. However, obtaining this item is no easy feat, and it's understandable if players overlook or miss its availability.

If you're aiming to acquire the Hogyoku and unleash its full potential, fear not, as we've got you covered. Below, we've broken down all the details you need to know to obtain the Hogyoku in Project Mugetsu.

Roblox Project Mugetsu: How To Get the Hogyoku

Before delving into the specifics of acquiring the Hogyoku, let's first explore its function within the game. Essentially, it's a rare item enabling Shinigamis/Soul Reapers to access the Vizard form. Conversely, Arrancars or Hollows have the opportunity to unlock their Segunda or Second Release. It's important to note that for the latter, possessing either the Murcielago or Los Lobos Resurrection is also necessary to obtain Segunda. 

Project Mugetsu How To Get Hogyoku
The Hogyoku can be used to turn a Shinigami into a Vizard or be given to a hollow for a chance at unlocking their Segunda or Second Release. (Picture: YouTube / JustKenshi)

Now that you understand the mechanics of the Hogyoku, let's discuss how to obtain it. Currently, there are three methods: finding it when it spawns in the world, through the Hogyoku Conquest (with a chance drop), or by purchasing the Hogyoku Notifier game pass for 1,875 Robux. Let's examine each method individually.

The Hogyoku spawns every 30 minutes across various locations: Wandenreich, Karakura Town, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo. Although searching every 30 minutes in each area may seem tedious, focusing solely on Wandenreich, the smallest map, makes it manageable, taking approximately 10 minutes to cover. By consistently searching, you'll eventually come across the Hogyoku.

Project Mugetsu How To Get Hogyoku Notifier
While you can look for the Hogyoku spawn manually or compete in the Hogyoku conquest, you can always use the paid-for Hogyoku Notifier feature. (Picture: YouTube / JustKenshi)

If you opt for the chance drop from the Hogyoku Conquest, be prepared for repetitive and tedious gameplay, as the drop rate is lower compared to natural spawns. Finally, purchasing the Hogyoku Notifier game pass for 1,875 Robux offers convenience, pinging the Hogyoku's location upon spawning and doubling the drop rate from Ranked matches. While this option may seem pricey, if you lack the Robux, grinding in each area is a viable alternative, as the drop chance isn't prohibitively low and is guaranteed eventually.

Regardless of your chosen approach, persist in your efforts to obtain the Hogyoku, as it significantly influences your character's development and progression in Project Mugetsu.